It has been known for a while that Pacific Rim 2 is in the works, Guillermo Del Toro is a very prolific artist particularly in universes that he has created and fell in love with. It is obvious that Del Toro loves playing in the universe of Pacific Rim as even before the first movie he had already started planning the next movie. He also aims to continue the graphic novel series based in the multi-verse of Jaegers and Kaiju and begin work on an animated TV series.

I was extremely happy to hear that Guillermo Del Toro has more projects in the works based in the universe first established in the fantastic Pacific Rim. On the surface Pacific Rim appeared to be a Michael Bay style CGI action flick. However in reality the film was deep, multi layered, heavy on character exposition and intelligent. Pacific Rim presented a rich universe with many elements waiting to be explored, however through all this it remained fun with just enough well directed robot fists connecting with sea monster faces. Although it did contain all the exciting science fiction action promised in the trailer, it surprised many when it was revealed to be full of rich and realistic characters, full of interesting ideas that you simply wouldn’t find in other Hollywood blockbusters. The acting was fantastic from a cast of acclaimed actors who fit perfectly into place in their characters, the great acting would be nothing if they were in the wrong role, Idris Elba’s tough but paternal war veteran was perfect and particularly came into his own in the speech scene before the final battle. This character contrasted greatly however with Charlie Day’s scientist Kaiju  and Burn Gorman’s more formal professor who were more like the comedy scientist characters, that isn’t to diminish the characters in any way as they have their heroic moment in the final act when they drift with the brain of one of the Kaiju, risking their lives and securing important information for the final offensive.

However, there were ideas raised in Pacific Rim that were presented but not fully fleshed out and are just waiting for a sequel for example there is a line in the final act of the film when, spoiler alert Idris Elba’s character Stacker Pentecost is going to sacrifice himself and blow up his Jaeger to allow Mako and Raeleigh to enter the rift between our universe and the Kaiju universe and finish it once and for all. Pentecost speaks to his adopted daughter Mako through audio link between the two hulking robots and tells her “You know you can always find me in the Drift.” This is a particularly interesting line that wasn’t explained in the film, it seems the Drift isn’t just a way for two people piloting a giant robot to link their minds and control the ship as one, but also a form of life after death. This is just one element of the vivid Pacific Rim universe but it demonstrates the fact that there are some many areas to be explored in further movies.