I need to start by telling you my thoughts on the TV show Arrow; I love it. Well, where it is now at least. The first series was a little too melodramatic for my liking, although you do have to have some emotional investment in the characters behind the masks occasionally all of the tears got a bit overkill and I found myself saying “just shoot something with an arrow”. However, I always stuck with it though there was a little bit too much over the top drama, for a few reasons: Some of the character development was quite interesting particularly Slade Wilson, Shadow and Oliver in the past. Notice how the drama I liked most was with the characters who didn’t cry every time their friend said something mean? The action was brilliant, though the show’s weaker characters could be annoying at times, all of that annoyance washes away when the Arrow suits up and picks up the bow and arrows. There were tense and brilliantly choreographed fight scenes with transitions from shoot outs’ to hand to hand combat. The soundtrack is brilliantly crafted, which is something I really appreciate in my movies and TV. It really makes a scene when Oliver decides to take a villain down, he turns to the costume and bow in the glass display case and the Arrow theme kicks in. Listening to the main theme whatever you are doing, just gets you really excited and hyped up. I guarantee if you listen to the soundtrack and all you are doing is having a drink, you will finish the drink in one gulp, smash the glass on the ground, run outside and roundhouse kick someone in the face.

There were sparks of genius littered throughout the first series, which culminated in a brilliant final episode. The final episode is almost reminiscent of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back in that by the end of that film everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, leaving the side of the good shattered asking themselves “What next?”. The following season was fantastic, the show used the momentum of the final episodes of the first season and built up from there. This was where the show really hit its stride, the drama side of the show was no longer melodramatic, it was like the writers just realised that some of their characters spontaneously broke into tears over nothing and decided to change that. The action side of the show was better than ever, mainly due to the introduction of some established DC comics villains and anti-heroes. Including the legendary Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad.

If anything the DC comics references were what kept me hanging on through the boring parts of season 1, the knowledge that this was based in the DC universe and that at some point they will bring in more and more heroes and villains from the comics. Which is interesting to see on the small screen, in some ways it is easier to make a new superhero project for the cinema because you know you are going to have a pretty big budget for the movie of a  Marvel or DC property and people are used to seeing superheroes on the big screen with flashy special effects. What is difficult is bringing superheroes to the small screen, with a much smaller budget and scale. TV has a very different look to film and it could be difficult to make superheroes fit into it.

Superheroes on the small screen brings me now to the news about season 3. It has been revealed recently that a new hero is to join the line-up of good guys on the show. The news/rumour that Brandon Routh (formerly Superman) is playing The Atom is being banded about the internet. Part of me likes the idea that they are introducing more DC characters with interesting, special effects heavy powers, if you don’t know The Atom can shrink himself to the size of an atom. The other part of me wonders how they are going to achieve this in, previously quite a gritty TV show. Although it has many fight scenes and explosions Arrow doesn’t use a lot of CGI. I am anxious about the introduction of this CGI as it could look quite strange in Arrow as there isn’t a lot of it and the power itself has the potential to look quite garish on-screen.

Another definite addition I am looking forward to is the inclusion of famous Batman villain Ras’ al Ghul. The immortal leader of the League of Assassins has the potential to be very sinister and an interesting, formidable villain for Arrow. He appears in the full trailer of season 3 which you can watch below.

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