The Rock confirms Black Adam role

Around two hours ago on his Twitter page Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson officially announced that he will be playing the role of Black Adam in the Shazam movie. Speculation was flying around for some time after he hinted at some connection to the role in an interview for Hercules. However, in the interview when he described the character’s powers and added the clue: “Just say the word” he left it open to speculation as to whether he was Shazam himself or just a character in the Shazam movie. In actuality the character he is portraying is the DC superhero’s main villian, Black Adam.

It will be interesting to see such a high profile personality play a DC villain, as I can think of very little professional wrestlers play villians in hollywood blockbusters. It will be also interesting to see Black Adam on screen for the first time, he has featured in animated movies but never live action movies. What is also something to think about is what it will be like seeing The Rock as a villian. Throughout most of his career as a wrestler he has been a “face”, which is a term used by pro-wrestling nerds for “good guy”. Audiences aren’t used to seeing Dwayne Johnson act evil on screen, as a wrestler his character was recieved by millions as both comedic and inspirational but never antagonistic or nasty. However, I am certain he will be great in the role as he is a very charismatic personality who really knows how to work a crowd and create engaging moments. He also appears to be a DC comics fanboy himself and will therefore put a lot of work into the role, just like everything else The Rock does.