Another entertaining episode of Doctor Who aired this Saturday. I found this one enjoyable though it was a little disappointing to me. There was something about this episode that meant it was packed with cheese. I have to be honest I enjoyed the sword fights and the comic relief from the previously quite serious start to the series but some of the performances and character choices really bothered me.


I usually enjoy Jenna Coleman’s performances and the character of Clara, however something about her in this episode really annoyed me. It isn’t only the cheese it was her behaviour in general, in one step the writer of this episode has destroyed the fantastic development of Clara’s character that took place in the premiere. A brilliantly written and acted scene in the first episode between Clara and Madame Vastra established that Clara finds brains and personality attractive over looks, we find out that when she was young she did not have posters on her walls of pop stars but philosophers. However in this episode as soon as she lays eyes on the handsome rebel she melts like butter in a frying pan. Clara’s personality is inconsistent and contradictory, it’s a problem that Moffat has allowed individual writers to do what they want with the character. I have nothing against writers trying new things with the characters so long as it doesn’t directly contradict something that happened previously especially when it was such a badass moment for the character. If the character is allowed to be a different person every week no audience is going to properly connect with it because it isn’t a person it’s a cypher of hundreds of different people.


Apart from the problems I had in that department the episode was pretty fun, it’s always enjoyable to watch Capaldi wave the Sonic Screwdriver for a bit, again the Twelfth Doctor was electric on screen. The new incarnation of the Doctor continues to surprise, we learn something new about him every episode, this time that he is actually pretty skilled at fighting. The fight scene at the beginning of the episode was quite silly to begin with, when the Doctor drew a spoon to sword fight with Robin Hood it appeared to be another joke fight. I expected the Doctor to try his best to fend off an attack from Robin Hood as best he could, dancing away from the sword slashes, pushing Hood over a tree root maybe picking an apple and launching it at Robin’s head. In reality the Doctor was actually a very competent fighter, he even won. It’s comes as a surprise that this version of the Timelord is physical given his age.

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It seems the robots trying to reach the promised land is going to be the main story arch this series presumably leading up to a finale based just on that. As the enemies in this episode were robots disguised as humans like the villains of the first episode and just as the robots in the first episode these andriod are trying to reach the promised land.

This episode had some fun aspects and some annoying, unfortunately he felt a little bare bones to me. There didn’t seem to be a lot to the episode, it was a little rushed and not very well thought out.