Yesterday I told you I would be back with an update on the Twin Peaks return situation, I can’t tell I lie. I have returned to you with some serious news, the last piece of news was but a tantalising crumb teasing at something bigger on the way. This time I have some serious facts for you that I think you are going to like.

Showtime released this video today announcing the crucial details of the return of TV’s most beautiful and terrifying mountain town:

Brad Dukes was right! Like the spirits of Twin Peaks he brought a prophecy, that we would hear something more today and we did. Its pretty major to, we have a series length, year of airing and production details. As well of the name of the network that the new limited series will appear on. Here is what we know so far:

  • It is a new series not a remake, Ray Wise was right in the Chico Movie Examiner interview when he said that if it happened it would be 25 years into the future.
  • The new episodes will air on Showtime in 2016, production starts next year.
  • The series will be limited to 9 episodes, however due to the nature of showbiz I have a feeling this could change.
  • Kyle MacLachlan will return as Agent Dale Cooper.
  • David Lynch and Mark Frost are writing and producing, with Lynch back in the directing chair for every episode.

This news has made many Twin Peaks fans, me included, very happy indeed. Laura Palmer’s words in the final episode of the tragically cancelled masterpiece have gained new weight: “I will see you again in 25 years”…she was telling the truth. In 2016 approximately 25 years after Laura Palmer spoke those words we will be plunged back into the beautiful, mysterious and dangerous world of Twin Peaks, Washington.

Twin peaks- Laura Palmer

Showtime aren’t messing around either, they have satisfied fans greatly with this, it would be horrible if they put someone other than David Lynch and Mark Frost in charge of proceedings. However, it seems in 2016 we can look forward to a continuation of the captivating world with the tone and feeling of the original work straight from the mind of the evil geniuses themselves.