The pilot episode of The Flash TV series aired on Tuesday, I have seen it and can say it is a promising start. The episode was by no means spectacular but how many shows are perfect on their pilot episode? I got the same feeling from the premier that I did watching the initial episodes of Arrow, the gut feeling that it has potential. The pilot episode had sparks of genius but with the occasional cheesy moment that knocked it off course a little.

The Flash action shot

I genuinely believe the problem is the trailer, there was a little too much of what was good about the show in the teaser. It is always a bad idea to include the best moments of the episode in the promo, it means that you don’t have a fresh reaction to the best parts of the episode making the overall experience underwhelming.

The Flash- bike save

However, I am pleased that the origin story isn’t going to be dragged out across the whole season, we have seen so many superhero origins whether they be Marvel or DC properties. However, the producers at CW have got the balance right, they have included a brief origin with the possibility of learning more later. For now they can test out Barry’s abilities, pitting him against various scenarios while leaving some secrets for later such as exactly who killed Barry Allen’s mother.

The Flash- Barry Allen investigates

Of course we all know by now that it was someone with Barry’s powers which some of you may know is Professor Zoom or the Reverse-Flash. This isn’t just someone else with the same powers as Barry, there is an element of time travel to it also. Something the show has already established at the end of the pilot episode. In one of the closing scenes Harrison Wells, played by Thomas Cavanagh (who by the way has the same surname as me) is seen entering a hidden room. In which it is revealed that he owns technology that is not of our time, as well as the ability to walk. He is seen looking at a news article from the future that mentions the Flash disappearing.

The Flash- Professor Zoom

It is my opinion that Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash from the future and the real culprit in Nora Allen’s murder. Tell me your theory in the comment section below.