Yesterday evening The CW trotted out another instalment of quality superhero TV. Many would never have believed that superheroes could have their own TV shows, not in this day and age when superhero movies are dominating the movie industry. Many would say that because of the scale, budget and high quality of the movie projects being released by Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. it is difficult to believe that TV could compete. Especially given what is expected of superhero products now when you think of the release of such quality comic book related products as the Marvel studios movies; The Avengers, the Captain America, Thor and Iron Man series of films. It is easy to think that no production company could have the budget or resources to pull off superheroes on the small screen, with the bar being set so high by the movie industry. The CW continue, week after week to prove those people wrong.

The Flash 1x3 official episode image

Arrow and The Flash have been performing consistently well, proving that superheroes can be done justice on the small screen. They have managed to create content as exciting as some of the heavy hitters such as The Avengers, on television. This is impressive, especially when you consider that the heroes they are using aren’t fan favourites. I mean most people know the Flash and less know about Green Arrow but not nobody; yet they aren’t the typical movie fodder. There is nowhere near as much content out there for Green Arrow as there is other DC characters like Batman. In fact I can’t even think of a single Green Arrow movie, this is what is impressive The CW is revitalising these less know characters bringing them a fan base, getting the name of lesser known heroes out there to a wider audience. By the time the new DC movies are released Green Arrow and The Flash will be much more in the public consciousness, creating an equal buzz around the big screen appearance of the characters as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Even if the TV and movie iterations of the characters do differ with different actors in the suits, the public will be hopefully more aware of the characters and their stories.

The Flash 1x3

This episode of The Flash moved this cause forward significantly, this episode proved The Flash powers could look fantastic on any budget. Each episode has had a fun final battle in the final act and this one was no exception. With the villain being a meta-human who could literally turn himself into toxic gas (yeah I know how stupid that sounds) I was curious as to how they would pull off a battle between this guy and someone who has incredible speed of movement. It was difficult to see just how a final battle with these two would be achieved, how could Barry combat someone who turns into smoke? Though the actual pseudo-science explanation was a little bit ridiculous the overall idea was good. The explanation about dispersal of gasses was a little bit rushed, probably because if you focussed on it for too long it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But the overall idea that when the villain takes his gas form Barry had to make him chase him, spreading him too thin and making the meta-human tried worked better when seen on-screen. That whole scene was beautifully done, the special effects were once again on point, the lightning streak of The Flash always looks fantastic. The execution of the CGI on things like the gas and the lightning bolts was done with a fantastic eye for how these things behave in real life, they achieved this as well as making them look good in a superhero scenario which is impressive.

The Flash 1x3 Barry and The Mist

The dialogue was once again engaging, it leaves enough unsaid but implied that the actors can say it with their eyes. There were many excellent moments in this episode that did a lot to make me engage with the characters and root for them. A number of scenes in this episode advanced the relationships between characters considerably, continuing the trend of the previous 2 episodes that the story is being moved forward with everything that happens. The Flash as a show has just as much momentum as its main character.

The Flash 1x3 Barry and his father

This was yet another fun episode, The Flash is always a treat to watch, it is almost like you are getting a tantalising slice of what you get from superhero movies every week. As soon as each portion is finished I find myself looking forward to the next, there are interesting things on the horizon for this promising show. If you don’t believe me lets put it this way, if you look at the list of episodes on IMDB, the eighth episode is season 1 is entitled Flash vs Arrow….I’ll just leave that with you.