This episode was one of those instalments that is slower paced yet completely enthralling. It is nice when The Walking Dead occasionally takes a step away from constant action for an episode, just to flesh out the world that it is set in. This episode took us back into the cities, which paints an entirely more fantastical image of the world in which The Walking Dead is set. What I mean by this is that, when the group are constantly roaming cross-country the zombies are the only give away that there is something fictitious going on. When we are taken into towns and cities it is an entirely different story; the burnt out and abandoned buildings and the general feel that the streets are a ghost town adds more of a sci-fi vibe to the show.

Which, in my opinion there should be more of, however I understand that the green screen needed to create ravaged city skylines every week is most likely incredibly expensive. It would be of course much more cost effective and easy to manage to have the characters roaming through back country paths as they would be relatively untouched by the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead 5x4 Beth in the hospital

This episode focussed mainly on the distribution of power within the closed off community of the hospital. The fact that a small group of people were trying to live a normal life, with a community and an authority within the confines of one building was a fascinating concept. Especially given the political intrigue, plotting and backstabbing that can go on inside one building.

The Walking Dead 5x4 Beth and Dawn The acting was once again absolutely outstanding, The Walking Dead takes relative unknowns and makes you wonder why you don’t know their name. Many of the actors in the show shine on-screen, it begs the question; why haven’t they been in more? It is partially down to the excellent writing and directing, that isn’t to take anything away from the actors, AMC are blatantly skilled at finding underrated talent.

The Walking Dead 5x4 Beth, Doctor and DawnThis episode actually raised more questions than it answered, this is a good thing as long as the writers get around to answering the questions eventually. We still have unresolved mysteries: Who was in the bushed behind Daryl last episode? Why is Carol at the hospital without him? We may have to wait longer than we would like for this information as next episode to be focussed on Abraham’s splinter group. Although it will be nice to see what is happening in that sub plot, the show is diverting from the comics in that respect, which is why it is exciting as it could go anywhere.