The opening scene in this episode was oddly absorbing, it is nice now and then to see a scene that consists of a few interesting characters in a situation like a bus journey where all they can do is talk to each other. I could sit and listen to Eugene tell stories for a full episode, though the zombie killing is fun too. These dialogue- heavy scenes are nice to see when it is really big characters like Abraham and Eugene, they are very well defined and distinct, which is why it is nice sometimes to sit and listen to them just talk. You can get lost in the characters and their conversations.

The Walking Dead 5x5 Abraham and the groupIt was nice to see this episode mix things up a bit, the smaller but clearly strong divergent group were really fun to watch as they adventure through the zombie plagued land. This group had great chemistry feeling like a established team from the off, as if they had been together for a long time already. This was of course due to the fact that for a short time these survivors were together in the larger group, however this was the first episode to show their exploits in a more intimate, tight-nit group. It was nice to see these really interesting, underrated and in some cases, newbie characters get some screen time mixing together. This episode went to great lengths to establish the emotional links between these characters who haven’t been explored in a great amount of detail as of yet.

The Walking Dead 5x5 Abraham and zombieFor some time we knew how badass Abraham is but not his motivations except for the fact that he is escorting Eugene to Washington DC. This episode gave us a much needed slice of back story for the character, which is always welcome regardless of which character it is. Rosita had very little character development whatsoever, for a handful of episodes she said about three words, this episode addressed this issue showing Rosita mixing with the other survivors and giving her a heroic moment at the end of the episode. It is these instances of characters taking control and doing the right thing that make the audience engage with the character. This was a good episode for Rosita as well as Abraham. We saw a new dynamic in the relationship between Eugene and Tara that we haven’t seen before, in fact we saw a new side to Tara in this episode. Eugene’s lack of social skills and bravery when things get dangerous brought a softer more nurturing side out of Tara. This episode brought the best out of all the characters involved, focussing on their relationships with each other and expanding every character in only a single instalment.

The Walking Dead 5x5 Eugene and the water canonThere were some incredible action scenes in this one too, Abraham, like his counterpart in the comics is always the best at making insane zombie kills. However, though it is true that Abraham often takes out the Walkers in entertaining fashion it was at Eugene’s hands that the best zombie kill of the week occurred. I am of course talking about the incident in which Eugene turned the water canon of a fire truck on a group of zombies, splattering the Walkers in gruesome but entertaining style.