While watching this episode you may have been wondering who the familiar voice is. You may have recognised the voice of one of the characters that appeared for the first time this episode. Especially if you are a fan of superhero content of the animated variety or animation in general. This episode saw the introduction of a soldier character named General Wade Eiling, this is where the familiar voice comes in, the actor that portrayed this character is called Clancy Brown. Clancy Brown is the definitive voice of Lex Luthor as well as many other animated characters. If you have ever watched a large, imposing character with an insanely deep, booming voice in an animated TV series or film the chances are this man did the voice for it. He has been the voice of Lex Luthor in a number of DC related animated products including numerous TV shows and the Lego Batman games. He has also featured in other DC shows as the voice of different characters, in one instance he was actually the voice of The Flash. Its interesting that he actually was The Flash and now he is featuring in the live action show, it is good to see that CW are recruiting talented people with huge respect for the material. This is clear as Clancy Brown is a huge presence in superhero content in general, his voice runs throughout the pantheon of animated content that has come from Marvel and DC over the years.

PlastiqueThe Flash is genuinely one of the most fun shows to watch on television at the moment, it features fun popcorn moments but isn’t just a big dumb action show with little quality. It also has well written characters and engaging story lines, every episode advances the plot a little; the acting is most of the time brilliant and the show has genuine heart. As I said it has some really cinematic set pieces with well crafted CGI and choreography, each episode aims to push the limits of what they can convey on-screen with computer generated imagery.

The Flash 1x5 IrisSpeaking of Barry’s powers, what I think is nice about this series is for once the hero uses his powers in public. You would think that this would be a terrible idea if Barry was trying to retain his secret, however due to the nature of Barry’s powers it isn’t He can move so quickly with such fluid ease that it matters not that he is in public, he can move so fast that we can’t see him anyway. It makes a change that a show that focusses on a superhero doesn’t have complete separation between their life as a crime fighter and their normal life. A lot of the time in this genre the hero is hardly ever seen using their powers on-screen without wearing the costume. This episode took a huge step forward in establishing the level of Barry’s powers, in one episode we learnt that Barry can quite easily run up and down the surface of a building, as well as across water. The closing scene in which Barry actually ran across water was an absolute visual treat and masterfully done. The under water explosion looked amazing and clever tactics were used to make the moment that much more immersive. The tactic I am talking about is actually getting a shot of Barry running with the wall of water behind him. The effect this had with the water flying around close to the screen did well to draw the viewer in.

The Flash 1x5 The Flash and PlastiqueUnfortunately the acting wasn’t as strong this episode, the usual favourites continued their immaculate track record however there was one addition that wasn’t all that good. That was this episode’s meta- human, her delivery of lines in action sequences was completely robotic and half hearted. I feel bad singling out one actress, some of the other members of the cast had their weak moments too, unfortunately Plastique was the worst acted character this episode. That isn’t to say that it was all bad, the more tender moments when she was showing emotion were quite well portrayed, unfortunately in dramatic moments of danger she seemed uncomfortable and out of place. It may just have been the wrong role for her and that isn’t necessarily her fault.

On the whole this was another fun episode, I was very surprised to see another glimpse of Gorilla Grodd. It seems the cage we got a peek at in the first episode isn’t the only reference we are getting to Grodd, they appear to be really going for it. How they are going to represent a hyper intelligent Gorilla on television I have no idea, but like you no doubt, I look forward to seeing the results.

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