The stakes were raised to incredible heights in this episode, The Flash lost his powers briefly and just when an electricity wielding meta-human that wanted to fry Harrison Wells had broken into the S.T.A.R. Labs facility. How inconvenient, and if that wasn’t enough a villain obsessed with time had taken hostages in the police department, hostages that included Iris, Joe and Eddy.

The Flash 1x7 BlackoutThe opening scene in which they went full force with Harrison Wells’ villain from the future angle was a bit too blatant and clunky for my liking, however that isn’t to criticise Tom Cavanagh as an actor, he is fantastic. In contrast to this the rest of the episode had some very snappy and clever dialogue. The characters are always in sharp focus, every conversation fits perfectly to their character and always gives us some more information on them. For example when Joe, Iris and Eddy were being held captive by the villain obsessed with time, the bad-guy kept quoting people such as Benjamin Franklin when they talked about time. Every time the villain would say one of the quotes Joe would immediately say the name of the historical figure that said it. Though we know that Joe is intelligent as he is a detective and it is obvious most of the time, it still comes as a surprise that he is as intelligent as he is, Joe West is obviously very well read. There is more to many of these characters than meets the eye.

The Flash 1x7 The FlashAlthough I did dislike the opening scene I liked how that side of the episode progressed, it was an interesting idea that the events of the present affect the future that Wells is trying to nurture. The CGI was gorgeous in this episode, the electricity looked incredible when Blackout was firing it at people. The final confrontation was excellent, it led to a beautifully orchestrated scene with fantastic CGI in a fight between The Flash and Blackout. The mixture of the orange energy and the blue electricity looked amazing as did the electricity moving towards Wells as Barry moved so fast to save Harrison that he was slowing down time. Blackout confronting Wells provided some serious tension and led to the actors once again putting on a show.

The Flash 1x7 Joe, Iris and the time guyBarry losing his powers temporarily at the start of the episode and having to deal with not being able to save his friends and himself was a nice swerve. The crew hiding out in S.T.A.R. Labs from the villain added a different tone to the episode that hasn’t previously been seen. The villain that took hostages at the station was very well acted and had some interesting writing. That situation had some very real tension to it, especially as the villain shot a fairly main character. After this it was uncertain what he may do next, when a TV program shows you they are unafraid to put key characters in real peril you are on the back foot and know all bets are off.

The Flash 1x7 Barry saves HarrisonThe CW are really going for it, we are only seven episodes in and already we have super powered villains fighting each other, as well as a superhero doing amazing things in almost feature film level action set pieces. This show really is a treat every week, when you watch it feels like a superhero movie you would see on the big screen, it has all of the excitement distilled into a TV episode. They are really pushing the idea that Wells is Reverse Flash now. There was a huge clue at the end of the episode when Harrison took a sample of Blackout’s blood and said “Now, you had the ability to steal the flash’s powers and I…would love to know how you did that.” I am sure soon we will get a proper look at Reverse Flash, no doubt with Tom Cavanagh in the costume, although I suppose there is the possibility that he is just working with Reverse Flash and is trying to find a way to give someone The Flash’s powers so he can bestow them upon someone else. Now I don’t know if you already knew this but next week is the first episode in an epic two episode crossover event. As you know the two DC shows on the CW network are linked, often characters from one show will appear on the other, in fact the Grant Gustin version of Barry Allen got his debut on an episode of Arrow that essentially served as the character’s origin story. The first episode of The Flash featured a cameo from Stephen Amell’s version of the Green Arrow. But here’s the thing, next week, that week’s new episodes of both The Flash and Arrow will be a crossover. The CW are calling it a two part event so I have to assume that the story won’t be just done from The Flash’s point of view in his show’s episode and then the same for Arrow. I guess you have to watch both episodes to get the full story. I hope it’s the latter, either way just so you know, the crossover episode is going to be The Flash VS Arrow.