The first teaser trailer for J.J Abrams’ feverishly anticipated new Star Wars movie has hit the internet. I think its pretty cool, it doesn’t show a whole lot but I think that is a wise decision at this stage. If you give everything away in the trailer people enjoy the film less, its that simple. So of course J.J is cautious only giving us a peek at the kind of style and atmosphere the new instalment into the franchise will have. He certainly has done that, there is an urgent atmosphere to the trailer, the music and the actors displaying panic.

Star Wars the force awakens john boyega stormtoopersThere isn’t a lot to say at the moment except for the fact that this is very promising, the music has exactly the right tone and sound, it feels like the soundtracks in the originals which is what we want. For me it also echoes the music in Indiana Jones, which is of course because the two franchise have very similar soundtracks due to the fact that they were both scored by John Williams. As we know the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises were a product of Lucas Films hence the similarity in this area and others. The music in this trailer is textbook John Williams, he is on board to score this new spate of films which is fantastic news. It seems the leaked images of the new-look Stormtroopers were genuine as we get a peek at a platoon in the back of some kind of transport vehicle in the teaser and they are exactly what we saw online a few months ago.

Star Wars the force awakens john boyega stormtooperObviously I cannot leave you without first talking about the final moment in the trailer in which the iconic music rises up in a moment of triumph as the Millenium Falcon is seen weaving in and out of Imperial ships. This is an awesome moment and there will hopefully be many more to come.