This episode had a slightly slow start, it felt a bit too formulaic of the episodes we have previously seen and the dialogue didn’t feel as snappy as what we have come to expect. Some of the lines felt really clunky, a little cheesy and saccharine. The characters in previous episodes had subtleties to their character, in this instalment for the first 15 minutes or so that was gone. The nuances in their dialogue were gone it was just blatant in-your-face references to what kind of person they are.

Flash vs Arrow Oliver in the streeHowever, the episode did build some momentum the longer it went on, the performances and the writing actually got better as time went on. Cisco was once again an excellent addition, he is one of the most enjoyable characters of those on The Flash. He often brings some comedic relief when things occasionally get over sentimental.

Things began to pick up when The Flash met up with Arrow and his crew on the outskirts of the city. Diggle’s reaction to seeing The Flash for the first time was pretty funny as was him theorising on what Barry can do later on in the episode. It was nice to see Team Arrow interacting with Team Flash, some of them have really interesting and believable dynamics. For example the fact that Felicity gets on really well with both Cisco and Caitlin makes sense as does the fact that Diggle really doesn’t like Cisco.

The Flash vs Arrow Felicity and DiggleI thought it was a really interesting idea that Joe and Harrison didn’t like Arrow at first as they disagreed with how he does things. The villain was a really good idea, I would like to see the show coming up with more imaginative ideas like this. The fact that the meta-human used mind control to make people hate and therefore cause chaos, was a genius idea and so well utilised for the premise of the episode. The way the power worked on Barry was very well implemented to cause trouble between The Flash and Arrow. The brief time in the episode that Barry was being affected by the mind control created some very dramatic and engaging moments when Barry crossed lines with people.

Flash vs arrow barry and arrow trainingIt was a very clever idea to have Prism affect Barry vindicating Eddy’s beliefs about him being a bad guy. Though I hate that it made Eddy look correct about this, I am glad that the scene in which Barry attacks Ed exists because it was very dramatic. This sequence of course led to the big moment…the fight scene, The Flash Vs Arrow. The CW Network promised a fight between the man under the green hood and the fastest man alive and they certainly delivered. It began with a genius moment in which Oliver used the trap arrow on Barry, the one that releases cables to bind his enemies attaching them by a cable to his bow. What happened next was pure genius, all The Flash did was grab onto the wire and run, dragging Arrow across the ground behind him at 200 miles per hour. The fight scene escalated from there very quickly, including a moment in which Arrow and The Flash raced to the roof of a building, culminating in The Flash dropping Arrow from the roof. I thought it was clever to have the fight end in a tie, that way fans of both are happy, nobody can argue with that.

Flash vs Arrow arrow catches the flash's punchThe first appearance of Firestorm aka Ronnie was really cool. His powers look amazing on-screen. Also, the character from a past episode of Arrow that was paid by Oliver’s mother to not tell Olly about her unborn child appeared. She was seen on the phone to her son, and possibly Oliver’s son it seems there is more to come on that plot line.

Overall this was a very fun episode, I look forward to the second part of this two episode crossover event, which will this time be an episode of Arrow featuring The Flash.