The coming mid-season finales of both The Flash and Arrow look amazing. They are really going for it in these episodes, Barry and Oliver are finally going up against the big bad villains that have remained in the shadows for some time.

The man in the yellow suitWe are finally going to see The Reverse Flash properly with The Flash taking him on next week. We will also see the first proper appearance of Firestorm, who we got a glimpse of in the first episode of The Arrow/Flash crossover. You can read my review of that episode here:

It seems I made a mistake in my review of the second part of the two night Flash/Arrow crossover. In that article I said that The Flash wasn’t following Arrow into a mid season break, this was based on the episode dates I had seen on IMDB. I have to apologise for this as it seems they are going on a break after this episode. To be fair the date of the episode after this one on IMDB is stated as 16th December. The Flash has skipped a week before so I assumed it wasn’t going on a break. I guess The CW Network changed their plan for the first season, it may have originally been planned to have one long run of episodes.

The Flash mid season finale As for the episode I am very excited. Based on what we know from the trailer and IMDB as well as the official Tumblr of CW’s The Flash; we are going to see The Reverse Flash; Firestorm and things finally moving forward between Barry and Iris. But don’t expect things to go perfectly between them just yet, their little moment is apparently interrupted by Eddy. Who by the way I am really starting to dislike.

The moment at the end of the trailer where Reverse Flash and Barry run at each other across a football pitch looks amazing, I am really looking forward to the fight scenes between these two in this episode. It looks really ambitious and really on the nose as far as what the fans want.

The Flash vs Reverse FlashPersonally I am avoiding reading the description of the trailer as it seems to give away a lot about the plot and I would like to be as surprised as possible. You can expect my review of the episode as soon as possible after I have seen the it.