It seems the writers of The Flash are pushing things forward in the back half of this inaugural season. The goal in the second half of season 1 as the promo states, is to improve Barry’s speed in an attempt to make him as fast as Reverse Flash. This may eventually lead to the time travel element that exists in the comics, that has obviously been hinted at in the show for some time.

The Flash promo Harrison Wells and Reverse Flash suitThe CW are also bringing back The Rogues which should be a lot of fun because I actually find Captain Cold quite cool despite his garish appearance. The TV incarnation of the character is pulled straight from the comics in terms of appearance. He is one of the more outlandishly dressed villains in the series, most of them are just bad people with powers given to them by the particle accelerator, this guy basically has a costume. He has the goggle which look like something straight out of a 90’s family adventure film and the big furry coat just to symbolise that he is indeed associated with all things cold. He is quite cartoonish in appearance and occasionally in acting, but fun nonetheless.

The Flash promo The RoguesI really look forward to January’s episodes, The Flash has been a lot of fun every single week, I love this show at the moment. It’s not such a tragedy that it’s going to go away for a while either. It means I can broaden the range of what I write about on here, I have time to talk about other things now that all of the TV shows I do episode reviews of have gone on a mid-season break. January isn’t too long to wait for the second half of the season, episode 10 is only a month and one week away.