1. Terminator Genisys 

Terminator Genisys looks to have a really interesting style, its visually stunning and obviously has some really over the top action scenes. Arnold is back for real this time, to be honest when I found out he was going to be in the movie in person I wrongly assumed that meant the disappearance of the ridiculous young CGI Arnie’ that was present in Terminator Salvation. It actually turns out that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be present in this film as well as a young CGI version of him, in fact Arnie’ will be literally fighting a younger version of himself. That scene is almost a metaphor for Arnold’s struggle with growing older. There’s something sad about that really. Terminator Genisys looks to be a lot of dumb fun and while hopefully bring in some interesting time travel elements.

2. San Andreas

San Andreas looks to be another blockbuster action movie that is a lot of fun if you just switch your brain off and enjoy the chaos. Perhaps that is slightly unfair as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson always brings an amazing on-screen presence and charisma to a role so his character will be a lot of fun no doubt. All professional wrestling fans will be aware of how charismatic The Rock can be, every single promo he cut crackled gaining him the title: “The most electrifying man in sports entertainment”. If Johnson brings this genius to his role, The Rock’s on-screen magic paired with some pretty incredible visuals San Andreas should deliver at the box office.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

The iconic franchise has been resurrected with another hard hitting instalment, this time featuring Tom Hardy in the title role. The trailer boasts some amazing set pieces and ambitious stunts. Some of the vehicle battles look like an Indiana Jones set piece on steroids. You cannot go a second without seeing an explosion in this trailer, it is the definition of “turning it up to eleven”. However, I hope there is more to this movie than raiders diving from one vehicle to another with spears raised.

4. Exodus: Gods and Kings

Christian Bale once again displays real star quality in this ambitious biblical movie. Bale has that quality to him that he is always interesting to watch, even when he isn’t doing a whole lot. He is just an interesting individual who is always capable of chewing up the scenery. Bale somehow manages to be one of the most magnetic things in this trailer despite the amazing biblical imagery of enormous tidal waves and vast armies. This could be compared to Noah because of its biblical content however that is where the similarities stop. This movie has a sheen and scale not present in the aforementioned movie.