Don’t be deceived by the title or the rather boring and generic thumbnail, this film is not what it seems. If you go off the title and thumbnail you will think this movie to be a bland spy thriller, you would be wrong. This is an explosive action-comedy with an all-star cast. The dialogue is witty and the fight scenes look beautifully choreographed.

The Kingsman The Secret Service Colin FirthIt appears to be a tongue in cheek take on the spy genre, without being so far into spoof territory that you cannot enjoy the action scenes. Though there are some ridiculous gadgets to send up the spy genre the fight scenes have been approached with the importance of any other action adventure film, the primary example being about 2 minutes into this in which Colin Firth is fighting a huge crowd of people in some kind of courtroom. He fights like a superhero performing almost superhuman moves. This film looks very exciting, I selected the red band trailer for you to watch because let’s be honest, it’s the best kind.