The newest Disney Pixar movie is a departure from the string of movies focussing on anthropomorphised animals, I’m not criticising them for releasing a lot of movies in this style its merely an observation. This film isn’t one of many Pixar movies focussing on mythical creatures or talking animals, no, it is in fact all about humans and their feelings.

This may sound like a terrible idea for an animated movie to some people, however I must protest. You are still getting the colourful characters, the only difference with this film is that the characters that look less than human are physical representation of emotions. Scenes between human characters are inter-cut with goings on inside their heads where characters like Fear and Joy call the shots, reacting to what is said and done and therefore determining the actions of their human. These voices in the character’s heads are voice acted by an all star cast including big names such as Kyle MacLachlan and Amy Poehler.