Here’s one that looks like it could be dumb fun, the switch your brain off brand of action-adventure film. That isn’t a knock, I like those kinds of films, if you have been watching a lot of demanding movies and shows these kinds of movies are perfect for simple enjoyment. The first time I even heard this film’s title was today, the day of its release, I found a link to the trailer through IMDB upon viewing said trailer I think it looks like ridiculous fun. I may be judging it too quickly when I say that it is dumb fun, it might have rich and layered characters portrayed by amazing actors, I just can’t tell that from the trailer.

From what I have to go off I can see that this movie is going to have a lot of over the top action set pieces and bucket loads of explosions. They are taking some liberties with physics in this but this is no doubt a call back to how martial arts films used to be. Although it isn’t really like this any more martial arts movies often blatantly defied the laws of physics to show that the characters were so powerful their feats of physical prowess defied the law of physics. The actors/martial artists would often fly around on wires, mainstream martial arts films have since took on a grittier tone, more realistic tone for example The Raid. This isn’t one of those, it’s a huge action adventure film with heroes that are almost superhuman and it looks like a lot of fun.