Marvel have released what they have refered to as an ant-sized teaser trailer today. The teaser which is 17 seconds long shows a miniature version of the actual trailer that is too small to see, then promising that the full “human-sized” trailer will drop on January 6. I have to say, I found the appearance of a trailer that wasn’t a trailer a bit annoying. What adds insult to injury is that the trailer itself is there it’s just too small to actually see, we have to wait until Tuesday for that. I’m joking I’m not angry, I actually think it’s really clever what they have done. I have certainly never seen something like that done before, and to paraphrase someone’s comment I read, there is probably a lot of people wanting to see the full trailer now that weren’t already going to. This little trick has tantalised fans, making them even more ravenous for a first look at the newest Marvel Studios property than before.

It was really smart of Marvel to tease the trailer premiere for the commercial break during Agent Carter. Agent Carter is their newest TV show so it is good of them to try and give it that initial push. The plan of course being that the season premiere will have a high viewer-ship due to the influx of people going for the trailer. The initially high ratings will keep the show in good standing with the network and hopefully some of the people that switched over just for the trailer will stay for the rest of the episode, possibly the season. All of this could secure them a second season. This really is genius strategy by Marvel.

I am hugely looking forward to Ant-Man, it has a fantastic cast and a really interesting concept. I am really looking forward to seeing how they run wild with a superpower that at first seems dumb but actually it very underrated.