I am really excited about the release of Ant-Man on 17th July 2015, the trailer is incredibly promising. Marvel Studios are so sure of themselves now that they are taking superpowers that shouldn’t work on-screen in theory and making them look incredible. This is an odd concept for a big Hollywood blockbuster but going off the trailer it works. The idea is that this is a heist movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe including a really interesting superpower. Some of the action moments in this trailer look like they will be breathtaking when the movie finally hits cinemas.

I disagree entirely with the people who think this movie is a stupid idea, check out the Ant-Man comics there are some awesome action scenes, the idea itself is something that hasn’t been explored before in live action superhero films. It can only be a good thing that we are getting more and more characters from the Marvel Universe on-screen. Imagine how much more fun action scenes in the Avengers movies would be if Ant-Man teams up with them?