The mid season premiere of Arrow is looking more and more fun the more we see of it. The first trailer for the massively popular DC superhero show portrayed the return episode as very dark and moody, in contrast this is a much more action packed and exciting portrayal of the new episode. There looks to be very little weepiness in this trailer, despite the fact that Team Arrow have been given the news that Arrow is dead. Most of the trailer is shit going down, including an awesome moment in which Arsenal runs through a tunnel with explosions going off around him. As well as various other moments of action including a car chase and Black Canary kicking ass. These moments are accompanied by a really upbeat rock song showing that it isn’t going to be miserable all the time.

Speaking of the music in this promo, this is the first time I have heard this song. Upon hearing it in this trailer I have gone away and downloaded the full version, it’s awesome. If you were wondering the name of the song in this trailer is Mona Lisa Smile by a band called Wolf Alice.