So early on my Tumblr I complained about how people in the UK can’t watch the new trailer for The Walking Dead season 5 part 2. Later on in the day, on Facebook I found a page that had posted a link to the video, someone that isn’t AMC has uploaded the trailer to be viewed in the UK. I don’t know how long it will be up, AMC might cry foul and claim that it is a breach of copyright so watch it while you can.

Although there is no footage from the episodes themselves this is still a pretty cool trailer featuring all of the core cast. The group are trekking through woodland once again, taking on something (most likely walkers) that the viewer cannot see. I say that it isn’t footage from the show, I just assume it isn’t because of how stylised it is, the actual show never usually looks like that. It’s similar to how some video game trailers will have a very different look to the actual gameplay. I just can’t see them shooting it as beautiful as this for the entire season due to the colossal budget it would take for the show to look like this every episode.

Anyway this is a pretty cool short promo of all of the characters fighting together and looking bad-ass. The second half of the season should be a lot of fun, if the show is remoltley similar to where the comicbook goes at this point in the story there should be some interesting developments in the coming seasons. As always I will be uploading reviews of every episode so stay tuned for that.