Bryan Singer the director of the X-Men franchise announced on Twitter today three castings for X-Men Apocalypse. As well as scenes from the future no doubt starring the original cast, we will also see some story taking place in the past. Specifically the 1980s when the X-Men are teenagers. So of course new fresh faced actors were needed for the core roles of Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm.

After a whole lot of rumours flying around it was finally officially confirmed that Sophie Turner will be playing a young Jean Grey. You will of course know Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark from Game Of Thrones, she is an incredibly talented actress, that is clear from her work on Thrones’. Turner is therefore a fantastic choice for the role which will no doubt involve hints towards the eventual appearance of the Phoenix Force.

Alexandra Shipp Tye Sheridan Sophie Turner

The second piece of casting news I have for you from this tweet is that Tye Sheridan will be playing a young Cyclops. Personally I have never seen him act before, however after some research I have discovered that he has a big role in Mud, which I have heard great things about and is definitely on my watch list. So stick around I may post a review of it here at some point. He also appeared in The Tree Of Life and Joe.

And finally, the lady playing the young Ororo Munroe (Storm) will be Alexandra Shipp. Shipp hasn’t been in anything huge and I can’t say I have watched anything she is in however this really isn’t a problem. Shipp is obviously a strong actress or she wouldn’t have got the job in a big franchise movie. People will no doubt complain about the fact that she has only been in Alvin and The Chipmunks The Squeakquel as well as some work on Nickelodeon and TV movies. However, these people need to remember that this is a young actress that hasn’t been in the industry long, everyone has to start somewhere and a lot of actors aren’t lucky enough to just be discovered and thrown into Hollywood movies right away. She will do a great job or Singer wouldn’t have chosen her for the role, it’s as simple as that.