It’s great to see this show back. It’s a lot of fun every single week and on top of that, its really well made. Its the perfect blend of good programming with great writing and strong acting combined with fun popcorn moments. The CW really know how to create fantastic superhero media, its simple, you just make a good show and include superheroes. I know that sounds quite blunt but that’s how its done, you don’t do anything different to what you normally would except for the obvious, including superhero focussed stories.

The Flash Central City P.D.The opening scene of this episode was really cool, it is always fun to see The Flash do something cool and then hear the theme kick in a bit. Arrow and The Flash have equally great music that fit them both perfectly because they are both scored by Blake Neely, a fantastic soundtrack composer. I’m still waiting for the soundtrack albums of Arrow and the Arrow/Flash crossover to be released in the UK. They are only out in the US which is really annoying. If you think so too tweet The CW or something and let them know your annoyance, I really want the music of that crossover episode.

The Flash Captain ColdThe Rogues are a surprisingly strong villain duo, sometimes shows focus too much on the hero and forget to write interesting stuff for the villains, this makes them boring and you mentally or even literally, switch off. The Rogues aren’t an example of these kinds of villains they are actually really interesting. I find Wentworth Miller a little boring sometimes but I think he is really quite good in this, the role of the villain might be his new thing. Dominic Purcell was great too, he had the voice of a super villain, really threatening. The two Rogues, Captain Cold and Heatwave are very different in character, reflecting the difference in fire and ice, I thought that was a nice touch.

Captain Cold and Heatwave

Detective West is once again a really strong character, he is well acted and superbly written. In a lot of TV shows I find things I occasionally don’t like about even the characters I like in some shows, this isn’t one of those shows. There is nothing about Joe West as a character that I dislike. That’s a rare thing in television, from what I have seen a lot of other people are in agreement on that opinion. Cisco is exactly the same, he is always really funny, he has that magical combination of funny writing and perfect delivery/comic timing. An example of the comic moments of Cisco in this episode was in the scene where he presented the Central City P.D with their “Rogue-proof” shields. He tries to sound official with “Can I have your attention please?” Ruining it immediately with: “Okay check it”.

The Flash Heatwave car stunt

I must say the CGI in this episode was beautiful, the weapons used by Captain Cold and Heatwave looked amazing. Particularly in the confrontation with the C.P.D. when the cops first get the new shields. The bright blue ice ray bouncing off the shields looked awesome. The final confrontation between the Rogues and The Flash was incredibly too, the action and special effects on this show go unchallenged. By this I mean there isn’t another TV show that is as strong in this area. The Flash somehow manages to have a combination of great characters with strong acting and action scenes that look like something out of a video game. Eddie Thawne had a really heroic moment in this stand-off as well, putting himself in harms way against super villains to save The Flash. Something else pivotal happened in this episode also which was The Flash revealing himself to the world as not some light anomaly shaking signs and miraculously whisking people out of harms way but a costumed man who can run at incredible speeds. This should change the landscape of the show considerably going forward.

I noted down a lot more but I think this article is too long as it is so I will end it here, The Flash continues to be fantastic. If you enjoy reading about The Flash be sure to check in at this site every time an episode has aired, I know this one was a little late but I was away, they will be a lot more timely next time.