The opening scene of this episode was absolutely awesome. It involved Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash playing behind shots of the Gotham underpass, followed by the villain marching through the streets to meet his next victim. That song has an amazing tone to it and is perfect for use in TV and Film, particularly when they have a subject matter like this. This song was a brilliant choice for the opening. Speaking of the villain, I find Gruber really fascinating to watch on-screen, he has the look in his eye of someone who is willing to do harm. As well as the tone of his voice reflecting a reserved psychopath who is calculated but may decide to strike at any time. He has the deadly potential in his voice, reminding me of Hannibal Lecter.

Gotham season 1 episode 12 Gordon back at the stationThe scenes between Harvey, Gordon and the Commissioner were really fascinating, purely because of how tense they were. There was a simmering angst between Gordon and the Commissioner that felt real and was engaging to watch. More scenes like this and less involving the pathetic dilemmas of the irritating Barbara Kean and I would be much happier.

Gotham season 1 episode 12 Gazette headlineThe politics amongst the gangsters that are all playing for control of Gotham was really interesting. You can never know who is on who’s side, its best to just assume that they are all in it for themselves and that if they appear to be working with someone else its all part of a bigger plan and they are actually planning on usurping them at some point in the game. Maroni in the police station was a really interesting thing to see, he looked so out-of-place in there given that he is a gangster attempting to take control of the city, and yet he seemed completely at home. He had many of the cops in the palm of his hand, which is possibly foreshadowing to a corruption storyline later on. Although Falcone is an interesting character I found some of his scenes a little bit boring, John Doman’s acting can be a little bit too under stated sometimes.

Gotham season 1 episode 12 ElectrocutionerHowever, despite Doman’s slow, quiet style not inspiring much excitement in some scenes things really picked up in the last half of the episode. We got a confrontation between James Gordon and The Electrocutioner and the game of chess Falcone and Mooney have been playing came to its conclusion. The Electrocutioner confrontation was amazing, his invention looks awesome on-screen the CGI on the electricity as it travels up structures and drags things from people’s arms looked really nice. As for the game of strategy between the Gotham heavyweights coming to boiling point, that was really shocking. First of all we got The Penguin telling Falcone that Liza has been a double agent all along which changed the game completely. Robin Lord Taylor’s acting in this scene was fantastic, Doman was reserved as always which was a little bit irritating. Sometimes his lack of reaction adds to his presence, making him seem more intimidating. In this scene it would have been nice to see him break and lose it for once. The shocking scene that followed really came out of nowhere, I don’t think many people saw that coming or at least they didn’t think that would be how it would go down. What was really interesting about this episode was its story arch, in the beginning of the episode it was looking like Falcone would fall, by the end of one tumultuous scene he had squashed the rebellion and re-cemented his power.