One of the most noticeable things when you watch The Flash is how great the chemistry is between the different members of the team. The writing is so strong that the characters each have their own ways of reacting to each other. In lesser shows one character would be treat the same by most of the other characters. Whereas in this you get more of a three-dimensional look at the characters, they all have unique friendships. It was great to see the team capturing criminals efficiently and with style in the intro to this episode.

The Flash 1x11 Harrison WellsThe mystery surrounding Harrison Wells and the Reverse Flash has become so interesting that I look forward to each tantalising clue and hint in regards to the overall mystery. Its exciting when we get a scene that just features Harrison Wells and his secret villainous activity because you know you are going to learn something new about the enigmatic character. There was a big reveal that came out of nowhere in this episode, going into it we had a good idea that Harrison Wells has the same powers as The Flash but I don’t think anyone expected this to be the episode that we finally see Harrison Wells move at superhuman speed. This gives us confirmation now that Wells is either the Reverse Flash or is working with him. Because remember there is a chance that there is more than one Reverse Flash, there are infinite possibilities in this show.

The Flash 1x11 Harrison Wells moves with speed forceI like that after a short break from the mystery this episode threw us right back into it, while retaining the usual villain of the week format. The flashback scene revealed the Rathaway’s back story, the episode wastes no time in setting up the villain’s origin with motivation. The scene with Barry showing Joe a sonic invention that breaks glass was a bit cheesy, the acting was a bit overkill in this instance although to be fair the actors can only work with the script they are given. Wells being unable to fully use his powers is an interesting turn of events, I look forward to seeing what that might lead to. This is possibly foreshadowing to another confrontation in which Barry learns of the weakness and exploits it as the only way he can beat the more experienced speedster.

The Flash 1x11 Barry arrives at STAR LABSThe special effects looked beautiful again, Wells and Barry moving at super speed in a streak of light and being there at the end of the trail of energy in an instant always looks awesome. The stunts are also really amazing, explosions throwing people around like rag dolls is always fun. It’s actually quite impressive and hard to believe that us superhero fans are getting this kind of thing on television now. Quality superhero content has taken over cinema and has begun its crusade on television too, what a time to be a geek.

The Flash 1x11 Dam saveThe dam scene was incredible, the action set pieces are consistently impressive on The Flash week after week, I don’t know how they do it. In this episode we were a treat to a moment in which a car was thrown off a dam and as it plummeted The Flash runs down the dam, enters the car in mid-air and rescues the civilians inside by running back up the dam. As well as some crazy action moments there were some huge developments in this episode, which really surprised me, I expected this episode to be another villain of the week episode.

The Flash 1x11 Wells with machine and Reverse Flash suit