The scenario we see Mooney in at the start of the episode was a huge surprise. It is off to see such a powerful character with influence throughout Gotham in such a compromising position. However, the way Mooney seemed completely composed un-phased actually made her seem more threatening.

The art style has become quite cool, there is always a theme of duality between light and dark, the lighting often trying to tell the viewer something. The exchange between Mooney and Bob was very cool, you could cut the tension with a knife. The acting was so strong in this scene, it was shot in a way that draws you in and makes you feel like you are right in the thick of the action. The city of Gotham has a really great look, the architecture of the police station and a number of other buildings in Gotham is similar to that of the Tim Burton’s films.

The writers have got the character of James Gordon spot on when it comes to him trying to eliminate corruption in the force. The Penguin taking over the club is something I didn’t anticipate. Gordon appearing to investigate added an entirely different atmosphere to the festivities however. Gordon is the swift hand of justice, he is the law. When he gives the villains that look you know they are going to get caught somewhere down the line. This episode had particularly brutal violence. There is usually violence but never this graphic.

When The Penguin was messing around on the stage of the club and the slow, mocking applause began followed by the appearance of Mooney and Butch you knew Cobblepot was screwed. This scene was really dramatic, Mooney seemed incredibly vengeful and Butch just played up to the silent henchman character. Butch being captured by Falcone’s men is an interesting turn of events, he was Mooney’s lieutenant which means when she comes back for him it will be with venom.

Bruce Wayne’s determination is already appearing foreshadowing his transition into Batman. The moment at the end when Gordon won over the GCPD and convinced them to arrest Flass was really cool. The music really added to the drama of this scene creating a really motivational and cinematic moment.

There were a lot of good performances this episode but it still has the problem of some scenes just not making sense. Also, some of the writing is a bit slapdash at the moment, with some annoying characters. However, Gotham is showing signs of improvement, the past few episodes are an example of this.