This episode’s villain was really quite creepy. The opening sequence was shot in a way that inspires anxiety, I can’t imagine how freaked out people who are scared of heights would be at that prologue. I have to say the Gotham skyline provided a beautiful backdrop for the rooftop crime scene. The various clock faces in Gotham and vast circular windows are exactly the kind of architecture you expect to see in Gotham City. In almost every iteration of Gotham City, be it in TV, movies, games and comics there exists this kind of feature. Clock faces and vast observatory style windows aren’t as present in the Nolan version of Gotham but watch any of the old movies and read the comics and you will find this classic style.

Gotham season 1 episode 14 maroni and penguinI’ve said it before and I will say it again, Sean Pertwee needs to be given more to do in this show, more screen time for this version of Alfred could really improve Gotham. The Penguin and Sal Maroni on a road trip to the countryside was an interesting and enjoyable diversion. It was interesting to see Maroni trying to catch out Cobblepot after Mooney informed him of Penguin’s deception. This episode was very odd indeed, the villain preying on phobias created some incredibly odd situations, the scene with the pigs being one of the strangest. I’m still not sure what the purpose of that was, Gordon and Harvey killed someone who was clearly involved in the crimes and then nothing more was made of it. Why wouldn’t they look into who that guy was?

gotham season 1 episode 14 harvey and the culpritThe character of Sarah Essen is becoming more important, after the arrest of Arnold Flass the character has finally got something to do. Essen stepping up and leading the force to arrest a corrupt cop was a really cool moment for the character and the show in general. The scene between Maroni and Penguin when things go to shit between them is very tense. The writers would have us think that The Penguin is always the smartest person in the room however in this case Maroni was one step ahead. This makes the Don seem more formidable. However the writers brought The Penguin’s credibility as the ultimate weasel back when he escaped from the car crusher in a really smart way.

gotham season 1 episode 14 maroni at the scrapyardThe cliffhanger was a really holy shit moment but I have to say the two actors’ performance in that moment was incredibly cheesy. It appears as if Mooney is about to fight some kind of Somalian pirate on the boat however, I have a feeling that this cliffhanger won’t have the resolution we are expecting.