I really like that the world now knows The Flash exists, it means you can get the moments between The Flash and the general public after he saves them. Barry rescuing someone and then being thanked is a nice feel-good aspect of this show that I would like to see more of. A jailbreak orchestrated by a meta-human with the ability to teleport was a great idea. The scene itself was a lot of fun to watch and it gave a reason for Barry and Joe to be at the prison which of course meant they could run into Barry’s father. This is just an example of the incredibly organic writing on The Flash, with one thing leading to another in a really natural way.

The Flash 1x12 Barry and HenryThe “bomb shadows” from the explosion of the particle accelerator was a really interesting addition, it brought some real world history into the DC Universe as they talked of the shadows being found at Hiroshima. This scene also revealed to the audience that Cisco can actually kick arse, when Rathaway attacked him in an attempt to get away he fought back, hard. In fact, he won. I really like the character of Cisco Ramon he gets cooler every week.

The Flash 1x12 The Flash saves a workerBarry and Caitlin at the bar was an irritating diversion in terms of how useless it was to the plot but Grant Gustin and Danielle Panabaker made it bearable. I like that the TV writers are adapting the idea that Firestorm is a amalgamation of two people from the comics, they should be able to do some really interesting stuff with that. The action set piece inside the tunnel was awesome, the CGI on The Flash is beautiful. The orange lightning looked awesome amongst the darkness inside the tunnel.

the-flash-season-1-episode 12 The Flash and IrisI’m so glad that the scene between Barry and his father was in there at the end. It was a really nice moment in which Barry’s father tells him that he would say to his son if, hypothetically his son were The Flash. Henry obviously knows Barry is The Flash which makes that scene a really nice moment. The ending scene was awesome! The CW are really going for it with this series, holding nothing back. I mean they are actually including one of the most ridiculous villains from the comics, Gorilla Grodd a hyper intelligent gorilla. Not only that they are creating Grodd with CGI, which is brave but from what I have seen the risk is paying off. I really am really looking forward to the episodes featuring Grodd.

The Flash vs Gorilla Grodd