Fans of The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose will be pleased to hear that he is the star of upcoming action movie, Lockdown. Lockdown which will be released this year follows Officer Shaw played by the elbow dropping maniac himself. Shaw finds himself in a compromised position as he returns to duty to find his precinct corrupt to the core. Shaw must work against crooked cops as he tries to prevent those close to him from being implicated in crimes they did not commit.Ambrose filming on LockdownNow of course in the credits for Lockdown on IMDB you will find the name Jonathan Good credited to the character of Shaw. This is because Jonathan Good is Dean Ambrose’s real name. I doubt that there will be any shades of the character of the table breaking Lunatic Fringe in Officer Shaw.
Dean Ambrose hits Rollins with a chair

However, that doesn’t mean that Ambrose’s erratic and death-defying ring style can’t appear in Lockdown’s fight scenes. I would really like for Ambrose’s style of combat in pro wrestling to seep through into the character of Shaw’s combat in Lockdown. When you think about it professional wrestling matches are like one big fight scene, the promos in between the matches are the scenes of dialogue that often break down into another fight scene. This is exactly like the format of an action film, Monday Night Raw is an action film or TV series every week so Good should be right at home on the set of an action movie. For him it should just be like a WWE PPV but with more locations and scenes of dialogue.

HIAC2014 Ambrose and Rollins fall through the announce desks

No doubt Dean will do his own stunts as that is essentially what his does every night in WWE, often leaping from great heights or performing a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside of the ring. I have been a fan of professional wrestling for a long time, I enjoy the product for what it is but I also like watching documentaries or listening to podcasts in which wrestlers are out of character talking about the industry for what it is, a work. I know my shit about professional wrestling so believe me when I say that Dean Ambrose will be WWE champion in the not too distant future. His ring style is entertaining to watch, he is a great actor with an eye for what makes a compelling promo, he can work as a heel (bad guy) or a babyface (good guy) and the crowd love to watch him drop the elbow off the top rope to put his opponent through the table. So I hope like The Rock has he will find success in Hollywood as well as the world of sports entertainment.

Dean Ambrose in-ring

Now this all sounds very exciting but the excitement doesn’t stop there, Lockdown is only the second movie in a planned “Action-Six-Pack” produced by the collaboration team of WWE Studios and Lionsgate Entertainment. The first in the planned six action film series is to be Vendetta starring The Worlds Largest Athlete, Big Show. Vendetta follows a detective that deliberately commits a crime to be sent to prison knowing full well that he will be incarcerated with his wife’s killer.

Big Show K.Os Brock Lesnar

I like that WWE Studios are trying out different action movie concepts with the stars that haven’t starred in these movie previously. It is good to see that they aren’t just going to trot out the usual shit like The Marine sequels starring The Miz and John Cena and the animated Scooby-Doo crossovers. I actually really like The Miz I just think they need to try something new. WWE studios are doing just that, including the fresh up and coming talent, I am aware that Big Show isn’t exactly a new face I am of course talking about the likes of Dean Ambrose. I am interested to see who gets the call to play the lead role in one of these movies next, Seth Rollins would be a fantastic choice. He is one of the best actors in the WWE, Rollins portrays a heel that you can genuinely dislike.

Big Show chokelams Randy Orton

The details on which movie is coming out next after Lockdown are unclear, we know that Condemned 2: Desert Prey is coming featuring the fantastic Randy Orton but it seems this isn’t part of the planned “Action-Six-Pack”. Whether or not someone in Condemned 2 gets an RKO Outta’ Nowhere remains to be seen. Do you want me to report on professional wrestling content more often here? Let me know in the comments section.