The introduction to this episode set up the idea of the group going to a protected community, this will probably lead to *COMICS AND POSSIBLE SHOW SPOILER* the plot from the comics with the different communities and of course the new villain, Negan. The prologue also included images of locations already travelled to, previously safe places that had to be abandoned and those that have been lost in this seemingly endless struggle. It gave a poignancy to this episode. The music and lighting effects gave a really cinematic feel to this intro, it contrasts with some of the scenes from the rest of the episode as often the show has a much more gritty, raw tone. In this I mean that there is often a lack of music and lighting effects, including mostly ambient noise to create a tense and realistic atmosphere. Whereas in instances like this where the show is trying to provoke an emotion features like lens flair and well chose music have the desired effect.

The Walking Dead Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Noah and Tyreese at the gatesAlthough the safe zone Noah brought the group to wasn’t so safe after all the show has still planted the seed of an idea in the audience’s head of a protected community. Tyreese had some moments in this episode that really made you engage with the character, which made his death that bit more traumatic. His death was shocking and sudden, it didn’t happen in a scenario that you would expect a group member to be bitten in. It didn’t even happen at night, there was no tension in the scene before the bite. It just happened. After the bite the episode returned to the vignette we saw at the start of the episode which was a really clever touch.

The Walking Dead the gate openThe scene in which Tyreese hallucinated apparitions of dead characters was an effecting instance. The way the spectres put him on trial or tried to persuade him that it would be better was surreal yet profound. These moments aren’t the only meaningful part of this week’s episode either there are a number of clues and Easter eggs that reference future events. In one scene a number of walkers have “w” carved on their foreheads this may be explained by the civilisations that will come into play later on. Also, Glenn carrying a blood covered baseball bat is visual foreshadowing to events in the comic. If you want to know what I am talking about when I speak of events in the comic that may be being referenced here check out this article I wrote on where the comic might take the show next.

The Walking Dead Tyrees' hat on the crossTyreese’s famous hat being placed on the cross by his grave was a really sad moment, an effecting shot to end an episode on. This was a solemn and slower paced episode that focussed efforts on character study which is always good to watch.