This recently revealed behind the scenes footage of the filming of Spectre is a visual treat. The Austrian mountains look incredible in this footage. The huge action set piece in the mountains will feature a number of stunning helicopter shots as well as scenes of pure destruction. A big action sequence in a beautiful part of the world is exactly what we have come to expect from these recent Bond films. I think its fair to say that the recent Bond films have been of a higher quality than some of the classic Bond movies. I know that some people who have fond memories of the past Bond movies will be angered by that and I’m not saying that you are wrong to like the previous movies, no doubt people enjoy them and that’s great. I’m just saying that as films I think the Daniel Craig run of Bond movies are the best. The writing, directing and acting are better for the most part. Quantum of Solace was admittedly not that great but overall the recent run has been the best. Skyfall was fantastic so Mendes is going to have to throw something pretty incredible at us to top that.

In the clip Mendes says he is aware that he has to come with something big to top Skyfall and says that this is it. It’s great to see that Dave Bautista is carrying on his successful new career as a Hollywood actor with a role in Spectre as Mr Hinx. As a big fan of Bautista in the WWE under the name of Batista it is great to see how well he is doing in the film industry. Batista is one of my favourite wrestlers so it was great to see him crossover to another of my interest which is movies, specifically the Marvel Studios films. In case you didn’t know Bautista portrayed Drax The Destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy. This instalment into one of the longest running franchises has an all star cast. Spectre features talent such as the returning Craig, Christoph Waltz, Naomie Harris, Andrew Scott, Ben Wishaw and more. Bond 24 it looks amazing and is set for release on 23rd October 2015.