This was a fantastic episode that furthered the story by quite a lot, while setting up big things for the episodes to come. There was a nice inclusion of Uptown Funk in this episode, I love that song. Although that scene where he changes over and over again asking for Joe’s opinion was very corny. However, after this there was quite a cool scene in which The Flash races around the city saving people. In one moment The Flash brings a man down from the top of the building, the man says “Are you gonna’ let me go back up there?” This was quite a funny line, not many TV shows can crack a joke after a man tries to commit suicide.

The Flash 1x13 Dr. SteinThe Firestorm storyline is very interesting, compared to the clean-cut image of the rest of the cast, Firestorm’s ragged homeless appearance contrasts with the other characters in a really cool way. They later changed this so that the previously manic, scraggly drifter was back to how Ronnie looked before the explosion. I had no problem with this because the concept of an ageing scientist’s mind inhabiting the host body of a much younger person is the most interesting part of the character of Firestorm anyway. That and the fact that he can fly by blasting fire out of his hands and feet.

The Flash 1x13 the nuclear manIt was really cool to see the particle accelerator explosion from street level, we also got an up-close look at the creation of Firestorm. This scene raised some questions as well as answered them for one: What is the object Stein was carrying when he and Ronnie merged? He had with him some kind of cube with a glowing orb in the centre. This episode was fantastic, every scene felt like it was of key importance to the incredibly compelling story lines. Except for the romance storyline between Barry and his new love interest which was quite annoying.

The Flash 1x13 Firestorm and The Flash confrontationThe fight between The Flash and Firestorm looked amazing, Firestorm’s powers look brilliant on-screen, that fight scene had some awesome moments. Firestorm grabbing Barry and then flying up into the air, a particular highlight. This was one of those moments of escapism where the story really take over and you are full invested in the thrill ride. The detective work that Cisco and Joe did was fascinating, that side of this episode really moved the murder mystery element of the show along by a lot. Jesse L. Martin and Carlos Valdes both put on really great performances in this episode. Both actors can emote in a very believable way and have charisma that makes them very watch-able.

The Flash 1x13 Firestorm goes nuclearThe big moment where Firestorm goes nuclear looked amazing, it was shot in a very cinematic way in a striking location. This backdrop combined with the gravitas of the writing created a very dramatic scene to end on. The conclusion to this scene left us with an adrenaline charged cliffhanger, I wait in anticipation for the resolution and to find out why General Eiling wants Firestorm.

The Flash 1x13 Firestorm explosionThe time travelling elements from the comics is finally being introduced in a really cool way. The reveal that the future Barry was present at the night of his mother’s murder was a really interesting moment. I am already amazed at what the CW are fitting in, it all seems to out there and big budget for a TV show. Nothing from the source material is too big for The Flash it seems, not even time travel. If The Flash is pleasing fans now the appearance of time travelling speedsters should be astounding.