There is just something about the writing of Vince Gilligan that is absolutely fascinating. It feels like everything that happens in his shows is of paramount importance. The flashback in the prologue was very enlightening. It gave us another tantalising glimpse into James McGill’s past. I say that one of the ways Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul draw people in. Gilligan hooks the audience in with a character that is fascinating and charismatic but tell you nothing in the beginning. Occasionally teasing the viewer with the odd bite of back story or character development. That is what Vince Gilligan does so well and its only a single part of his arsenal of devastating writing weapons.

better call saul episode 3- McGill at the payphoneI really like the retro intros, it seems the images in these title sequences are going to be different every week, which is cool. Like Breaking Bad this prequel show doesn’t waste time with long intros. It’s just a quick title sequence with some nice effects over an image and a quick bit of music.

Better Call Saul can go from hilariously awkward in some scenes, an example of this being Saul talking through a cardboard tube down the phone during an anonymous tip-off, to very tense and dramatic. An example of the latter being the perceived realisation that the family is indeed going to be kidnapped. It is interesting to see the change in McGill when he enters a law environment, you can actually see him transform when he switches on the bullshit lawyer bravado. In some scenes he can be very meek, however when he needs to he turns to a much different demeanour, coming across as cool-headed and in-control.

Better Call Saul season 1 episode 3 McGill trekking

The character of Nando is also fascinating. He is cold and threatening, providing a wildcard brand of danger in most scenes. However, he isn’t your stereotypical TV gangster as he is often very quiet and calculated as well as very intelligent. Week to week we see the brilliant Bob Odenkirk portray the slimy James McGill as he tries to escape some impossible scenarios. All of this works together in fantastically well written and formidably acted fashion.

better call saul episode 3- McGill searching for the familyIt’s good to see Jonathan Banks getting more screen time. I can foresee Ehrmantraut getting a bigger role in the near future. Or at least I hope so as his scenes in this episode were amazing, particularly the moment at the end of the episode between him and James in the stairwell. Are you enjoying Better Call Saul? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.