From the first few seconds this movie grabs your attention and refuses to let it go until the picture has run its course. Those first shots of San Fransokyo skyline are absolutely gorgeous, this combined with the epic score gives the film a feel of paramount importance. From the scene in the underground bot fighting league it is clear that once again Disney have triumphed in creating animated characters that emote in a very real way. Again, music is utilised well in this scene when the tables turn and Hiro’s bot is in control of the fight.

Big Hero 6Hiro and brother, Tadashi speeding away on a scooter as the bot races behind to get back to its master is a very cool moment. It is well animated and really shows off the interesting visual style of this film. This moment also lets the audience know that they are in for a fun little adventure. The family dynamic is really nicely written. Something I picked up on relating to this was that Hiro’s brother has picked up a parenting thing from Cass. When Hiro’s brother arrives on the scooter he first asks Hiro if he is okay, when Hiro replies that he is Tadashi begins scolding his brother for getting himself into danger. After the two brothers get out of the police station Cass does the same thing to the pair of them. I thought this was a great example of very deep writing.

Big Hero 6 fist bumpThe design of San Fransokyo is beautiful, it’s a really visually pleasing environment that you could just get lost in. This world has been created with affection for the source material and endless amounts of imagination. The characters are all vibrant and unique. The fantastic voice acting puts the finishing touches on giving these imaginary people a soul. Something happens 25 minutes into the movie that really took me and no doubt a lot of other people by surprise. The film takes a dark turn in a couple of instances, going to a much grittier place than you would expect.

Big Hero 6 Hiro and Baymax

Baymax is a character that connects with the audience on a number of levels. As well as the fact that the robot is designed in a way that will provoke an affectionate response from the audience it also has funny little mannerisms. There were a number of funny moments in the early scene in which the two explore the warehouse first discovering that Hiro’s micro-bots had been stolen. For example the little things the robot says after a mistake such as: “oh no” or “I am not fast”. The villain of this film was a real spectacle, the way he uses the micro-bots is something to behold and the black clothes with the mask and violent demeanour makes him very imposing and threatening.

Big Hero 6 Hiro and Baymax flyingIn any other film you would expect Hiro’s friends to be annoying but in this, they are actually funny and engaging characters. Something I found really funny that Wasabi did was use proper road etiquette while in a car chase for example waiting at a red light and using indicators before turning a corner. The team developing their weapons and suits, testing them out to the soundtrack of Immortals by Fall Out Boy was a really motivational scene. Immortals provided a really fitting theme for the movie, Fall Out Boy always make fantastic music that works really well in a cinematic context. So much so that I am actually surprised their music hasn’t appeared in more films.

Big Hero 6 pocket universeThe film takes a dark turn once again in the last quarter, going into the subject of revenge. The scene in which Hiro is driven by vengeance and tries to get Baymax to kill Callaghan is very impactful. Baymax suddenly takes on a very different persona, throwing his friends roughly aside while trying to kill Callaghan.

Big Hero 6 end sceneThis really isn’t an understated story, it is a tale of epic proportions. In the battle against Callaghan the characters really come into their own, the comeback moment is triumphant. The scene inside the pocket universe created by the portal is a visual treat. However, it is a bitter-sweet moment as it leads to one of the saddest moments of the whole film. After this though the tone is brought back up again ending on an incredibly victorious and hopeful feeling.