The explosion caused by the separating of Professor Stein and Ronnie was epic. What the CW can do on a TV budget is incredible. I was hoping the momentum the murder/time travel story gained from the previous episode would continue into this episode and it did. One of the first things that happened after the resolution of the cliffhanger left over from last episode was Joe West telling Barry that is was present as an adult at the scene of his mother’s murder. I can’t wait for the episode where Barry finally learns how to access the Speedforce, it’s going to be a treat on a visual and storytelling level.

Firestrom kamikaze

These characters and stories are in the safest hands given that the writers include Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti. Johns is one of the most notable DC comics writers. If you want someone to handle a TV adaptation of a comicbook character there is nobody better than the people who wrote the source material. Berlanti also has a wealth of experience with DC comics characters, his experience being more in the TV and film field.

Firestorm confronts EilingI really like the storyline involving General Eiling and Wells, as well as the secret military operations that go on around them, it adds a different element to the show which keeps things fresh. It is clear who is writing the cool DC based stuff and who is responsible for the slightly cheesy, annoying stuff. CW need to give more creative control to people like Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns, the people who have a lot of respect for the superhero side to things and want the stories from the comics in there. The people who know what the fans want.

Reverse Flash unmasked

Wow, the scene where Ronnie and Stein merge to create Firestorm again was incredible. The two merge together in a blaze of flame once again becoming the amalgam of two people. After the merge Ronnie’s eyes  become glazed over and his hands are surrounded by flame, this time though he is much more in control. Ronnie is the leading mind but Stein’s isn’t lost, Ronnie can hear Stein in his head so that they can communicate and work together. That scene was awesome, the action was brilliantly choreographed, Firestorm was much better in combat, one thing he did that was really cool was flying up into the air and crashing down to the ground taking out a group of enemies in a blaze like a human firebomb. I hope the character of Firestorm appears more often in this more controlled state as CW are excellent at creating this character in the best way on-screen. The CGI looks amazing, especially when the two merge.

Gorilla Grodd

I bet comicbook fans never dreamed of a TV show having this much of the good stuff from the source material in it. I mean, the last scene of this episode featured the Reverse Flash and Gorilla Grodd. That scene was incredible, we got our first proper look at Gorilla Grodd and we got to hear him speak! Previously we had only seen him in the shadows dragging someone into his lair. We also got to see Harrison Wells in the Reverse Flash suit. We had seen Reverse Flash before and knew that it Wells is the man in the yellow suit but we had never seen Reverse Flash unmask before. This scene was incredible, there is so much to look forward to in the coming episodes. I only hope the series starts to eliminate most of the annoying baggage.