Although I too am tired of the same old generic crap and a lack of new properties in the horror genre, I have to admit I actually thought this trailer promised quite a fun little horror movie. I too want fresh new content and unique stories, however curiosity led me to watch this trailer and I have to say, this one actually looks good. There seemed to be some interesting stuff in this one. Even if the story has been done before, if the remake brings new techniques and a different style to the table I see no harm. At least the style of Poltergeist is different to most recent Hollywood horror movies. A lot of horror at the moment is just the same tried and tested jump scares featuring in a ghost story. The story of these kinds of films often being the perfect family moving into a new house and being terrorized by a ghost. I am aware that this sounds exactly like the premise of the film I am talking to you about, however those films don’t feature the techniques I see in this one and they certainly aren’t as off the wall as this one. None of those feature a blazing portal to the other side. This could be a better movie disguised as the usual formulaic stuff.

The iconic line from the original, which some might say is synonymous with horror isn’t present in this trailer. However, despite its absence in this teaser I don’t doubt the girl will at some point in the film utter the famous words: “They’re here”.