It seems when The Flash returns, the plot will revolve around the team finding out Harrison Well’s secret, check out the trailer above. From what this teaser tells us they now fully suspect Wells murdered Barry’s mother and there are a couple of scenes in which Wells has actually revealed to them that he isn’t who he has being making out. For example Caitlin finding his wheelchair empty in the coffee shop and of course the dramatic moment at the end where Wells is standing up in front of Cisco, moving so quickly that it appears he is in two places at once.

This episode is named Out Of Time due to the time travel focus of The Flash, this storyline has some fascinating avenues to explore. Something I picked up on last episode that I found to be really clever was how Wells is clearly trying to blend in. There is a scene in the latest episode where Back To The Future is referenced, Wells tries to join in with the conversation to appear as if he is from their time but something about it doesn’t quite ring true, he sounds like someone who is trying to appear as if he is aware of it. It is almost as if he knows how much of a big cultural thing Back To The Future is and that he needs to know about these things if he is to disguise himself, but he hasn’t quite grasped it because in actual fact he is a man out of time. In trying to blend in and look like he has nothing to hide he has incriminated himself further. 

What worries me about this trailer is that at one point Wells is revealing his powers of super speed to Cisco, this could mean he is about to kill him. Cisco is one of the most likeable characters on the show, it would be really sad if he dies, especially at this stage. Interesting developments in The CW Network’s version of the DC universe, on both sides of the coin, Arrow and The Flash have big episodes coming up. If you want to watch the trailer for the coming episode of Arrow and read my thoughts on it you can do that by clicking here. Oh yeah, one more thing how awesome was Gorilla Grodd’s appearance at the end of this week’s episode? Gorilla Grodd is amazing, I can’t wait for him to appear properly.