You know that super-suit that Ray Palmer has been working on? Next week’s Arrow features the debut, check it out in the trailer above. We finally get to see it in this teaser trailer for next week’s episode of Arrow. Next week’s episode promises big things, not only does it feature the debut of the newest hero: A.T.O.M it also includes a showdown with Ra’s al Ghul. Episode 15 reportedly involves Malcolm Merlyn being kidnapped by Ra’s al Ghul and being taken to Nanda Parbat, hence the name of the episode. Oliver is then conflicted as to whether or not to rescue Merlyn. It seems from this trailer that there is a good chance he does as a number of scenes in the extended sneak peek show the team fighting in unfamiliar locations.

This looks like an incredible episode with tensions coming to boiling point, the writers of Arrow are great at ramping up the tension to a brief chaotic and explosive conclusion. They do this again and again somehow being able to achieve this with more excitement every single time they do it. I really look forward to this episode, although there is a downside to it which is that it is a mid-season finale which means Arrow will go away for a few weeks after this one. I doubt that the proper confrontation with Ra’s will happen in this episode, it seems like more of a season finale thing but I think we can at least expect some kind of altercation. Things are looking exciting for The Flash too, which will return from a mid-season break on the 17th March, you can check out the trailer for that return as well as my thoughts on it here.