You could really feel the thick tension of the first scene, loud silences were utilised to great effect. The lack of music and the looks Aaron was receiving from the rest of the cast added to the feeling of scrutiny. It makes a lot of sense to Rick’s character that he would initially be suspicious of a new group. Given his history with seemingly safe communities that end in disaster this is understandable.

The Walking Dead 1x11 end sceneRoss Marquand has done a great job of bringing the character of Aaron to life on the screen. The writers should also be applauded for their contribution to a character that is so well adapted that it could have been straight out of the pages of the comic book. I am really pleased to see the plot involving the communities finally entering the show. I can’t wait to see how the communities are realised on-screen. 

The Walking Dead 1x11 Rick Grimes interviews AaronThe comic book post-prison attack was really the golden era of the story. Don’t get me wrong it was fantastic in the previous phases but after the introduction of the communities it became something even bigger. What aspects of this phase of the comic that have appeared in the show already have been perfect. For example The characters of Eugene, Rosita and Abraham, they are all faithfully created and quickly becoming some of the most compelling characters in the show. From what we have seen of Aaron, he is also a very compelling new character that is very similar to his inked incarnation. Many events from the comics have been changed, with deaths being given to different characters but overall the new era the show is entering is as exciting as that of its source material.

The Walking Dead 1x11 Rosita Michonne Glenn Maggie and AbrahamThe writers played well on the idea that the zombies have almost become an after thought because of the variety of human threats that the group have encountered. A lot of viewers have mentioned the fact that they almost forget about the zombies because of the more prominent human threats like The Governor and The Terminites. The writers are aware of this so in an episode where more humans are being introduced they had a very interesting scene that plays on this idea. The scene in question was when Glenn, Rosita, Abraham and Maggie are scouting, there is a rustling in the trees. Because of the potential human threat the team aim at the trees and call out to the source of the commotion as if there is a certainty that it is a person causing it. A walker then stumbles out, there is a brief moment of realisation between the group members as they think about how absurd it is that they have forgotten about the undead roaming the land trying to eat their flesh. 

The Walking Dead 1x11 Flare gun walkerThe bird’s-eye view shot of the car driving down the road full of walkers was amazing. The entire sequence in the wilderness with the walkers swarming was fantastic. AMC are fantastic at ramping up the tension and excitement. Rick hitting the zombie with the flare gun was amazing, that one might be a contender for walker kill of the week. It is always nice when AMC allow hope to come in, there were two scenes in this episode that felt very hopeful the first was the scene in the RV. Abraham was driving, the others were playing cards are looking out the window, the sunlight was shining in through the window and Washington DC could be seen stretching out in the distance as the truck reaches high ground. The second was the scene when the group finally reach the Alexandria Safe Zone. This involved an extreme close-up on Rick’s face. He said earlier that for him to take his family inside he would have to hear the right things when he stands outside the walls. This scene brought the episode full circle back to that point as the sounds of children playing could be heard, when Rick listens to this sound, something he probably hasn’t heard in years his face softens and he begins to smile again. This was a really nice moment and I think it may become one of the really iconic scenes that sticks with people. This episode had a really satisfying arc to it while also leaving things open for what is to come.