The prologue was absolutely hilarious, the guy who turned out to be working with McGill was great, his dialogue as he lay there on the pavement was really funny. It is always cool to see those moments where Jimmy appears to be in some kind of trouble but then turns it around. There are these fantastic moments where we, and the other characters on-screen see McGill as on the back foot and yet it turns out he was the one in control the whole time. You always admire McGill for his ability to turn the tables on a situation. You marvel at his craftiness. The prologue was one of these moments, it looks like McGill has come off worse from the scenario, when in reality it was his con all along. Its always fun to see the ultimate underdog victorious.

BCS Wexler and HamlinI like that McGill talks to himself in scenes where he is alone. Not quite in the style of a monologue, but he isn’t just muttering to himself either. There is something really interesting about the musical style of Better Call Saul, the soundtrack is always really nice and often adds to montage scenes in the best possible way. McGill going to war with HHM was a really interesting turn in the story. It led to a number of fascinating scenes. For example I really liked the moment in the spa where Kim Wexler tries to persuade McGill to stand down, that was a really nice scene. Another of the precious few moments where McGill appears to be the bad ass in the scenario. Not only that, on a storytelling perspective it shows signs of the Saul character. James McGill is the character we see now. A struggling lawyer who is slightly sleazy but for the most part moral. Saul Goodman is the criminal lawyer master of spin we see in Breaking Bad who will do anything for money and power. Just as Walter White transitioned into Heisenberg we are seeing McGill transition into Goodman. We saw the foreshadowing of this metamorphosis in this episode as James displayed signs of a shark-like predatory instinct to attack the competition. Much like the scene early in season 1 of Breaking Bad where we saw Mr White assault someone who mocked his son. In that moment we saw a glimpse of what was to come, a dangerous man who would do anything to protect his family.

James McGillVince Gilligan is a master at creating characters that you love despite what they do. By rights we shouldn’t like Saul Goodman or Walter White as they do morally questionable (and often wrong) things. Yet he is so good at making us identify with them anyway and get on board with their motivations that you have no choice but to like them.