What I love about these trailers is that they are giving us a look at some beautiful shots of stunning locations. It is good to see these shots as you wouldn’t want Marvel Studios to recycle the same kind of setting in the sequel, it would get stale very quickly should they only use a city similar to that of the previous film.

Avengers 2-Ultron baseSpader’s voice acting is excellent once again, when he says the line: “I’ll take that from them first”, he allows the right amount of crazy to creep into his intonation. The action and special effects look incredible as always, its amazing for fans to see things they have only experienced in comics, games or animation brought to life in live action cinematic treats. As a fan its awesome for me seeing these characters on-screen. There is even an Avenger’s Tower now, it looks epic and it is faithfully recreated.

Avengers 2-Avengers Tower

This film is going to be a real treat. It looks to include the same action that makes you beat your chest like King Kong that was in the first instalment but this time turning it up to 11 featuring new locations and fresh villains. It also looks to include some deeper elements that weren’t present in the first team-up. This is all very exciting isn’t it?