The cold opening of this episode wasn’t the most compelling of those that we have seen in the shows history. However, it was good to give us an idea going into the episode that these people are having trouble adjusting to life inside a protected community. The Walking Dead is usually good at these cold openings, especially when they are an uncomfortably quiet or tense moment, however I found this one a bit of a waste. They could have used this pre-credits introduction for something more engaging, it didn’t really make me have any effect to it. I felt a general feeling of apathy about the whole scene.

the walking dead season 5 episode 13 rick daryl and carolIt is fascinating to see the little conspiracy going on inside the community. Rick,Carol and Daryl have got a little cabal going built on mistrust of the people of Alexandria. This secretiveness adds a really interesting element to proceedings. We also saw the return of the walkers marked with a ‘W’ on the forehead, this is of course foreshadowing to the appearance of other communities, the markings seem to be something that the evil group would do however I am not sure why. What purpose do the markings serve and why a ‘W’? It may have something to do with the sign we saw painted on a wall a few episodes back that said: “Wolves not far”. I really look forward to further clues and obviously the reveal.

In any other show people going to a cocktail party would be nothing out of the ordinary. In The Walking Dead it is incredibly fresh, something we aren’t used to seeing. The universe of The Walking Dead has become so far removed from normal life that when we see aspects of ordinary existence it feels odd. We are more used to seeing these characters deal with zombies than normal people at a celebration. It is very interesting to see how the different characters cope with such a dramatic change of environment.

The zombies taking down the horse was a really cool moment. We forget that the walkers are actually incredibly dangerous due to the fact that we often see walkers that are very lethargic and weak, barely moving as they are dropping to pieces. The reality is that some of the walkers are well fed, therefore they are strong and quite quick, they are also savage and dangerous. This scene reminded us how dangerous walkers can be, they wrestled a horse to the ground and set about devouring it in seconds!

the walking dead season 5 episode 13 curbstompThe Alexandria Safe Zone is a really interesting looking place filled with brand new characters still left unexplored. Although things are quiet at the moment the show is still as gripping as ever due to its fantastic writing, with set ups and foreshadowing to big future events and its strong cinematography, which manages to tell a thousands words in one shot. There is a lot to analyse in an instalment of The Walking Dead. There is so much detail in the dialogue and so many interesting questions to be asked of the motivations of the characters. The audience enjoys discussing and thinking about the dialogue and goings on between the characters as well as the extreme zombie kills.