The final trailer for Dead Rising: Watchtower was released recently and it features all of the zombie slaying and DIY weapons you would expect from an adaptation of the popular apocalyptic series. 

This adaptation of the hugely popular zombie apocalypse video game is one of many to emerge recently that are originally available to stream online. Similar to the Netflix originals such as House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, this adaptation will initially only be available to stream online. This being through the free streaming service, Crackle. These past few years have seen a surge in quality programming popping up online, exclusive to a service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. It seems people are really starting to buy in to the idea of having a movie or every episode of a TV season in their home immediately. Binge watching has become a widely embraced thing now and many big companies are picking up on this and exploiting it. Perhaps using the ability to do this as bait to buy into a service with other features. That’s not all, despite being an exclusive of Sony’s streaming service, Xbox users can stream the movie through the Crackle app one week early.

dead-rising-watchtower zombieThe adaptation of Dead Rising which features zombie killing carnage with makeshift weapons is one of the first movies to be released in this way. Dead Rising: Watchtower is to be set between the first and second game. The final trailer promises a blend of zombie genre tropes and a dose of humour to go with it. Similar to how the scientists are trying to perfect a vaccine for the virus, the writers are using humour as an antidote for spate of uber serious and drab zombie films.

dead_rising_watchtower_riggleThe trailer features some interesting ideas, the plot that focusses on the failed cure could add something fresh to a genre that some believe is getting slightly stale. Although some of the humour is slightly silly and the special effects look hokey in places this one may surprise you. Epic Meal Time fans will be pleased to see a cameo from the host, Harley Morenstein, this is obviously a reference to the fact that at the end of Morenstein’s videos he and his friends devour some food monstrosity like a herd of ravenous zombies.

Dead Rising: Watchtower can be streamed through Xbox Live on March 20th and through other devices on March 27th. Follow this site and you can be one of the first to read my review of the movie upon its release.