Insidious: Chapter 3 is a prequel, however it still features some familiar faces from the series including Lin Shaye, who plays Elsie Rainier and Steve Coulter who portrays Carl. You may also recognise Coulter as a new character in popular zombie apocalypse TV show The Walking Dead. Returning actors aren’t the only feature that is familiar to viewers however, the high-pitched strings in the soundtrack has made a chilling return. This feature of the score of the Insidious films feels very retro, the music that plays every time the title of the film bursts onto the screen at the start of each instalment feels like a throwback to the horror genre’s roots. Not only that it often makes people jump, putting the audience at a place of uncertainty and submission from the start. Although some parts of the franchise can be quite generic and very similar to that of the other horror films out there, it does have unique quirks that run through the whole franchise. This adds a nice feeling of continuity even when like in this case the new movie doesn’t follow the story of the previous.

As well as interesting story devices such as the aspect of the second film that was almost like time-travel, the Insidious films also have some fresh fright devices. The director has found a few well-chosen devices in this trailer, including good use of sound and placement of the actors to make them look small and vulnerable, at the mercy of the spirit. Take for example the scene at the start of this trailer in the bedroom, the skeletal corpse lands on the character as she lies on her front under the bed. This is quite a frightening concept, also the speed in which it happens after a moment of silence makes you jump. The scene in which a figure emerges from the mist covering its face, laughing was also very creepy. These kinds of moments have an unpredictability to them which is what fear is built off.

The scenes in the other plane of existence look like they could also be very frightening, it definitely feels like Blumhouse Productions have held a lot of the best stuff back here, but I guess we’ll see.