First of all let me start by saying how good it is to see The Flash return, it’s a really fun show for a comic book fan. That is, when the show runners allow the writers to include that kind of content, your probably sensing that is an issue, I’ll get to that later…

The dialogue and acting in the intro scene was a little bit cheesy, although, it was good to see the incident from yet another perspective. We have seen the STAR LABS catastrophe from Barry’s window, street level when following Martin Stein and now from the air. This is good as it gives us a deeper comprehension of the back story to see a major event in it from many different angles. The story basically begins as a result of this explosion so it helps us really get absorbed in this world if we follow different characters in different locations not far apart, all observing the same pivotal event.

weather-wizard-the-flash-s1e15So this is the one gripe I have with the show that I hinted at earlier: When the show is at its best it involves a lot of content from the comic books executed well, with strong acting and well written characters. The action scenes are engaging because you care about the characters and hope they aren’t next on Reverse Flash’s hit list. When the show really isn’t at its best is when it is mainly soap opera shit. I’m not saying every episode has to be a long fight scene, far from it. I want the character development, unfortunately scenes like the bowling alley moment at the start of the episode isn’t character development its saccarin soap opera drivel that makes the show look bad.Hopefully the writers will start to factor out most of the annoying plot points as the series goes forward. Luckily there were more good elements to this episode than bad, I would go as far as to say that this was the best episode so far.


It was when The Flash saw a mirror image running next to him that things began to really get interesting. Fans have been waiting for the time travel to properly come into play for a long time, myself included. The return to STAR LABS with the team was very welcome, that place has started to feel like home. The scenes in STAR LABS as well as the investigation surrounding the best characters were really compelling.The slow motion scenes often look amazing, the moment in the car with the lightning coming through the roof in this episode was no exception.

the flash out of time martinHarrison Wells (if that is even his real name) has become a fascinating character, what Tom Cavanagh and the writers have done with this character is amazing. In recent weeks The CW have got a lot of people discussing this mystery and awaiting the newest episode in hot anticipation.

Tremendous acting from Carlos Valdes, when Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin about Iris’ theory regarding Harrison Wells, the look in Cisco’s eye gives away that he also suspects Wells is up to something. The indomitable Jesse L. Martin once again put on an excellent performance. He commits completely to a role, becoming the character. The action scene where Martin got into the police station crackled with tension, some of the action choreography in The Flash inspires awe. Proceedings continued to get more and more interesting as Cisco began investigating Wells. The fact that Wells wasn’t very present in this episode was a clever technique on the part of the writers, he was one of the main subjects of the plot, everyone was talking about him and yet he was barely on-screen. This added to the mystery around the character.


This episode felt very high stakes, with Cisco on Well’s trail and West in mortal danger. The Flash returned from the mid-season break with a huge bang. The moment Wells dropped all pretences and revealed his true identity was an incredible moment that has had a lot of build up. The writing in the scene in which Wells finishes the sentence uttered by a recording of different version of himself was inspired. Those lines of dialogue may become iconic: “I’m not like The Flash at all” “Some might say I’m the reverse.” Valdes’ acting in this moment was once again very strong, this guy is very underrated, the disappointment on his face when it hit him that everyone was right about his mentor was heartbreaking. It seems those that theorised Reverse Flash was Eobard Thawne were right, in fact Wells is he. Hats off to the writers of The Flash for delivering on a moment that has had a lot of build up. They created a scene that felt so monumental it made you dizzy. The confrontation was absolutely gripping, I guarantee every viewer who watched this episode hung on Thawne’s every word. The gloves were really off by the end of this episode.

The flash out of time captain

The episode came full circle as Barry runs so fast that he travels back in time to the moment he saw a mirror image of himself. However, this time he takes the place of his past self, he is out of his time much like Eobard Thawne. Most of the events of this episode have happened to him, but not in this timeline yet. This has big implications for the series going forward as it means Barry can change certain pivotal events before they happen (Cisco’s death better be at the top of that list) or even assure that some of them happen. This was definitely the best episode yet.