There is currently a lot of excitement surrounding The Walking Dead, it has once again entered a new phase and is moving at break neck speed in this new era. As soon as I got in I rushed to my usual position and settled in to watch the new episode with a bottle of Tango Orange and some Haribo Star Mix (don’t know why I told you that bit but it is the nectar of the gods).

Anyway, back to the episode. We fade in on the Monroe family as they mourn their loss in a candlelight vigil of sorts. They play Aiden’s music in an attempt to find solace in the things he enjoyed in life, this I thought was quite a clever touch on the part of the writers. We get to see that Sasha is continuing on her decline into depression and possible insanity, she is in the watchtower with a sniper rifle, however she seems unhinged, unstable. We also see a brief flash of tension between the two groups after the events of last week’s episode. The end to this prologue perfectly built excitement for forthcoming events. We saw Aaron and Daryl spotting a light in the distance, the realisation hits them once again that the people they know aren’t the only human survivors out there. The iconic music chimes in once again. Fantastic start to an episode.

Daryl investigateVideo footage of Nicholas talking into the lens of a camera was appropriately infuriating, not only because the audience is still angry at him for being responsible for Noah’s death but also because the accounts he gives of what happened last episode were way off. The scene between Carol and Rick was a stand out few minutes of dialogue. It was fascinating, the scene following it between Rick and Pete was gripping television.

There was something about this episode that every aspect of it hit the mark, achieving its desired effect. Even small things such as noises in the woods making Michonne and Rosita go on the defensive were exciting. In another episode you may not even care about something like this, but in this instalment there was just something about the overall atmosphere that felt genuinely unpredictable and tense. The scene in the graveyard between Deanna and Rick was another moment where the dialogue was as engaging as any action scene. It was very dramatic, two leaders with different ideologies squaring off, big personalities clashing through two formidable actors.

Deanna the walking deadThere was something really sad about the scene with Carl and Enid, for a second they tried to be children, to experience a childhood that they have missed but almost immediately the harsh reality of what the world is now comes crashing back down on them, ruining their brief moment of happiness. This of course being when the walking corpses turn up. There was a kind of innocence lost feel about this scene. The writing in these scenes was really strong, it is true that the dialogue isn’t typical of how people their age speak but none of the dialogue in The Walking Dead is entirely realistic. You just have to try to look past how dramatic and theatrical some of the dialogue is and get lost in the story.

Is the gun that Nicholas digs up the one that Rick planted? What significance could this have? Hopefully we shall see find out in the season finale next week. They gave as many of the characters something to do as possible in this one which is good. The characters of Sasha, Michonne and Rosita got some screen time for the first time in weeks. Those three kicking arse was quite fun.

Crazy RickDaryl and Aaron investigating was a cool little diversion, what they found was intriguing….not to mention creepy. This will of course play into the events of the season finale. Andrew Lincoln’s performance was absolutely fantastic in his part of this episode. Occasionally Rick delivers a speech with a sort of wide-eyed craziness that really holds your attention and draws you into the events even further.

This was a thoroughly enthralling instalment, this was the kind of perfect episode that you never once look away from. I think my eyes were fixed on the screen from the first to the last second. I can’t wait for this 90 minute finale as it seems we are going to see the arrival of the evil group that have been marking the walkers with a “W”. I anticipate being once again glued to the screen until the end of the 90th minute.