The Groundhog Day style sense of deja vu was a really cool element to this episode. The time travel aspect that has finally entered the series from the comics is absolutely fascinating. This episode didn’t mess around, there was no soap opera stuff to begin with, we just got straight into the aftermath of Barry travelling back in time. Barry being aware of events before they happen and manipulating events from his knowledge of the future was brilliant. This is exactly the kind of thing from the comics we want in the show.

The-Flash-season-1-episode-16-Captain-Cold CiscoThe Rogues are quite ridiculous. The acting is cheesy and over the top, the dialogue on these characters can be quite cliche. Also, what voice is Wentworth Miller doing in the role of Captain Cold? Who told him to do that? Nobody speaks like that. Come to think of it nobody acts the way he acts not even other super villains, it’s just a deeply strange and confusing performance he is putting on. However, they do have certain screen presence, though this is mainly due to the directing and the effects on the guns look really impressive. This episode we got a new addition to the Rogues Gallery. Although she seemed to barely get any screen time, she said little more than five lines through the whole episode. The character seemed to be just thrown in to have a different coloured gun. I would have honestly preferred the writers to have spent some time developing that character at the cost of some of the scenes between Barry and Iris. I can’t remember them even saying the villain’s name even once, she is called Golden Glider in case you were wondering by the way, which you probably were because they didn’t say it.

The-Flash-season-1-episode-16-Barry-JoeHarrison Wells and Barry Allen discussing time travel was just genius. This content is comics come to life on the screen, its unabashed science fiction, it’s completely engrossing. The dialogue between Barry and Linda was just irritating, that relationship has been flickering out for about three episodes in a row, it’s just getting boring now. Why is so much time spent on this?

the-flash_season-1_episode-16 Cisco and BarryOn the upside this episode felt very unpredictable given that we were waiting to see how events from last episode would change. The fact it became clear through the episode that time resetting had changed people’s character slightly was very interesting. The explanation for the change in Iris was genius writing. The scene in which Captain Cold threatened to kill Cisco’s brother unless he told him The Flash’s identity added something to The Rogues as a threat. The scene that followed was also brilliantly acted and no doubt made a lot of people connect to the characters more.

The Flash and Golden GliderHarrison Wells being alone with Cisco was terrifying for a minute, knowing what we know. The scene with Reverse Flash at the end of the episode demanded the viewer’s undivided attention. It was super dramatic and solidified him even more as a threat. He seemed very powerful in this scene. He certainly has the upper hand on Flash knowing that phase technique.