Before I begin, this is by no means a complete set of predictions for the biggest pro wrestling event of the year. I don’t actually cover all of the matches because in some cases I have no idea what would be the best outcome, I am happy to just observe how they do it. I don’t even say what I think would be the best result for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match because I just don’t know how they should play that one. Treat this as a collection of thoughts that I jotted down and put together going into the biggest night of the year for wrestling fans.

1. The New Day win the Tag Team Championships: 


I genuinely don’t understand the reaction that The New Day are getting at the moment. A matter of months ago the fans wanted the team of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods to get a big push. After Woods cut a promo in the ring with Langston and Kingston about taking what is rightfully theirs it looked like the stable was finally going to happen. However, things got put on hold for quite a while, this may be responsible in part for the lukewarm crowd reaction they have sometimes been receiving. Often on Smackdown and RAW they get the crowd involved in their “New Day!” chant, however I am sure it isn’t quite the reaction they were hoping for and in the kickoff show of Royal Rumble they actually got a lot of boo’s. I find ths quite a shame as the three are fantastic wrestlers, they each bring something different to the table, with all of them sharing one quality, a lot of charisma. Although the gimmick is admittedly a bit silly it really isn’t as ridiculous as those of El Torrito or The Bunny. I actually think the New Day gimmick is quite lively and up beat, their videos are actually very funny, they all have great comedic minds and a lot of on-camera chemistry. They perform some very innovative tag team moves, they are fun to watch they just need more screen time. The Tag Team titles would give them that as well as an incentive to innovate further, it would light a fire under them. Don’t get me wrong I think Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are absolutely fantastic. Those two are the future, not just of the tag team division but of the main event scene also. Cesaro and Kidd on their own are fantastic competitors who should be getting a big push, so together they are naturally dominant in the tag team division. I think they should hold the titles many times, as well as singles titles respectively. But it wouldn’t hurt to have them go back and forth with The New Day. There could be a number of tile changes over the course of a number of no doubt thrilling match ups. There is actually talk of bringing back the Freebird Rule for The New Day which would allow any two members of the team to the defend the titles, this would add a fresh element to the tag team division and could make things very interesting.

2. Bray Wyatt Defeats The Undertaker: 


Now I know I might receive a bit of backlash for this, some people may have the opinion that the end of the streak last year was sacrilegious enough, that a loss to Wyatt would be even more disrespectful to the legacy of The Undertaker. However, I think Bray Wyatt stands to gain more in winning than Undertaker stands to lose should he be defeated. Wyatt taking on the dead man is part of his massive push, so it makes sense for him to defeat The Phenom a look incredibly powerful. Wyatt is bigger than any title at the moment, his sights are set on other things, for him it is about who he defeats. He wants to prove his dominance and become “the new face of fear”, it seems to be the natural progression for him to take another soul and continue in his reign of dominance. This presumably isn’t Taker’s final match, so it makes sense to have him put over Wyatt and make him look powerful, adding to the mystique of his character. Undertaker will no doubt get a huge victory in the next match be it his retirement match or not as next Wrestlemania is to be in his home state of Texas.

3. Hideo Itami Wins Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

hideo itami

This one is simply what makes the most sense. Itami was the victor of the tournament at Wrestlemania Axxess to determine which NXT superstar would enter the over the top rope contest in the kickoff show. They are clearly giving Itami some momentum by having him beat the other top stars in the brand to enter a match on the grandest stage of them all. It wouldn’t make much sense to have him then lose, extinguishing any fire he had got going. It seems this entry into the memorial battle royal could be the beginning of Itami’s career on the main roster, if he does win the enormous trophy I can’t imagine they would keep him in developmental after a victory like that. Hideo is a very exciting athlete, the sooner he is on Raw and Smackdown mixing it up with the top-tier talent the better, I hope to see a spree of GTS from Itami tonight.

4. Sting Defeats Triple H

sting triple h

This one is also a no-brainer. You can’t build up Sting’s first ever match in the WWE after decades of wrestling in rival companies and have him lose the match in what is quite possibly his retirement match. Although the thing that is casting doubt in some people’s minds is that Triple H is on a Wrestlemania losing streak as it is. Although I think the like;ihood is that Stinger will win regardless.

5. Rusev Defeats John Cena


Rusev has been an excellent United States Champion, he is a destructive force, the embodiment of the dangerous heel as he mercilessly tears through challenger after challenger. It is almost the expected thing for Cena to be the first man to beat Rusev at Wrestlemania but I would argue that it is better for Rusev to retain. I understand that they are going to elevate the importance of the US and IC titles in coming months but they still can with Rusev as US champion. What would make the title more valuable than having it defended by an undefeated super athlete?

6. Daniel Bryan Wins The Intercontinental Championship

ladder match hype

This huge ladder match for the IC title really could steal the show. The multiple participants will no doubt put it all on the line, performing incredible aerial moves with the ladders. The superstars that are involved in this one are all made for this kind of match. If the WWE are aiming to elevate the IC title’s worth I believe there is nobody better for the job in that match but Daniel Bryan. He has a huge following and is already right at home competing at the top of the card. He is someone who is supposed to be champion. The IC title win will actually appease some of the people who feel short-changed that he isn’t in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

With the kickoff show already under way now, regardless of the outcome to the various matches it will no doubt be thoroughly engaging television.